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    Tassiecelt Guest

    Default Updates to iCloud

    I noticed today that Apple have a range of new iCloud options. I've been paying $104 for 50gb, now I have 500gb for $12.99 per month.
    Good news!
    Trouble is...what do I do with it? I mistakenly believed that i could backup iPhoto to it, not so Applecare support! I can still only backup to external or Time Capsule Drives (which I do already).

    I've cancelled the 1T of storage I had with Dropbox, yes I know it's half the price of iCloud, but since I have had nothing but trouble trying to backup iPhoto to Dropbox, the huge storage is as useful as tits on a bull.

    Apple has suggested that more options for backup using iCloud may be coming soon, maybe with Yosemite. Since Apple don't usually suggest such things - I will just wait and see.

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    I'm the same place as you Graham. Only weeks ago I downgraded from 55 to 25GB, because I wasn't using or able to use that storage. Apple informed me that I had been upgraded & annual premium halved! With iCloud drive I will now be able to use that storage soon!!
    So far, apart from iOS device backups, I've only used iCloud to save text or photos via preview, ... Less utilised via Pages, Numbers or Keynote.
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    Tassiecelt Guest


    Im starting to think that icloud is almost as useless as OneDrive, well, not quite.

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    Dropbox is still the go, for me, though Box and Copy come close, for free stuff. I was, for a while, storing my iPhoto library in my Copy folder. Its a simple matter to tell iPhoto to look there, instead of in the Pictures folder. It had the effect of a decent sort of backup but it was slow as a wet week so in the end, I reverted to just having it in the usual location. I wonder if it would be faster with Dropbox (which is where I store my Calibre ebook library)

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    I find iCloud next to useless the only thing i use it for now if iPhone and iPad backups. There's not even an app to see your files on iOS i've even dropped back to the free 5GB as i was paying for storage for nothing. I've never had any issues with Dropbox has always worked for me.
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