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Thread: apple llc

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    Default apple llc

    Hey all,this seems to be the place for discussion on vintage apple products, so I'll lay it out.
    I recently came across an apple llC with a bunch of extras (15 reference books, 30 floppys,external disc drive,sentry alarm, printer and "the hitchikers guide to the galaxy" pretty stoked on it.
    The problem though is when I boot it up, there's no beep and I can't hear the disc drive running.the screen comes on and displays what looks like a chess board of green and black.
    Any help would be appreciated, for last time I played with an apple ll I would've been about 6, and I seemed to have forgotten..well everything.

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    Nice find, I'd open her up, clean and check the motherboard, including reseating socketed chips. An Apple IIe I picked up a while back was fixed very quickly by a quick clean and checking over the socketed video ROMs.

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    I've got a left over Rom0 upgrade if you are interested?

    It adds UniDisk 3.5" support and SmartPort compatibility:

    SmartPortVHD project

    here is the Rom:


    it does require some skills to install:

    Apple //c ROM Upgrade | AppleToTheCore.me
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    My IIe does this and I haven't gotten around to reseating the chips yet...

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