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    Default Strange message bank message from Telstra when iPhone doesn't answer

    In the last few days when my wife calls me from her iPhone if I don't pickup it no longer leaves me a message on my iPhone instead it says:

    the mobile number you have called has diversion set to an invalid number

    We are both with Telstra

    Can't find anywhere in settings where that refers too

    Googling that full message has been no help. There was only one mention of it but with no reply
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    It won't be in the settings on the phone, you'll need to check the carrier call diversion settings using these codes:

    Turn on Call Forward: **code*(phone number to forward calls to, including area code)*10#
    Turn off call Forward: ##code**10#
    Check if forwarding is on: *#code#

    Where: "code" is:
    21 for "All calls"
    61 for "No answer"
    62 for "Unreachable", ie "out of coverage"
    67 for "Busy"

    Specifically for "no answer", you can set the duration your phone rings before it diverts using the the following:
    **61*(phone number to forward calls to, including area code)**(number of seconds)#

    Info from here.

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    Hi all, with PCkid I'm in the same boat with my iphone 5 it has the same deal (I'm all so with telstra). I'm not sure when it changed (whether it was after me changing the ring time to 30 sec a month ago or so, or after this poxy IOS 9.1) but it has been brought to my attention today. It would allow the caller to send me a quick ten second message to me at no charge when it rung out. Is this sent via the carrier or the iphone? I have never had the message bank 101 and don't want it, all I want is the text message thingy.
    I can access the above but am not sure what phone # to put in, I thought it would just be my mobile with +61 as this is where I want the text to come to.

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