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    Dec 2011

    Default Welcome to the FileMaker Hub.

    Hello all MacTalkers,

    This is the new place for all things FileMaker on MacTalk.

    FileMaker is one of the most popular customisable database solutions available on the market, receiving rave reviews around the globe and it has come on board as a MacTalk sponsor. Working across Mac, Windows, iOS and the web, FileMaker has been used to create solutions for big business and individuals, and we are sure many MacTalk members interact with a database solution during their business or home life.

    After hints and tips, seeking answers to your FileMaker questions or wondering how a database would improve your efficiency? This is the forum for those questions to be answered.

    We will be running a monthly Q&A with a FileMaker developer to answer all of your biggest questions, so please post them here and we will get them answered for you.

    I look forward to hearing from you all.

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    Jul 2014


    Hi all,

    My name is Brad and I've been living and breathing FileMaker databases since 2000, when I was first introduced to the software in my work place to store linguistic corpora and other language-related databases for linguistic research.

    The great thing about FileMaker is its accessibility. In my experience, most people who learn the basics get the hang of it quickly and can almost immediately start coverting their Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, hand-written notes, into usuable databases. Some, including myself, even get hooked

    I'll be helping out in this forum and am happy to answer, or at least try to answer, any questions you may have.

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    Jun 2005


    Greens, all

    My armory contains:

    Forethought FileMaker Plus 2.1 (1986)
    FileMaker Pro 2.2 (1992)
    FileMaker Pro 3 (1995)
    FileMaker Pro 4 (1997)
    FileMaker Pro 5 (1999)
    FileMaker Pro 6 (2002)
    FileMaker Pro 7 (2004)
    FileMaker Pro 10 (2009)

    I never stumbled over the original Forethought offering, and .fp7 is the terminus because, with the solitary exception of my wife's iMac 27, there is no Intel-based Mac in the house. From a 25,000-record catalogue of (music) recordings, to our cats' veterinary adventures and to floorplans of dwellings, FP has served us well. Many older FP databases have migrated well from one version to the next, always leaving another publisher's offering—the exact antonym of its title—in the dust. Creating algorithms in FP is sometimes a head-against-wall exercise, but persistence usually prevails. This thread has the potential to be illuminating to many of us.

    IIe; 68K; 60x; G3; G4; G5

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