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    Default Mac book pro early 2008 possibly fan!

    Ok I have an early 2008 MacBook Pro and unfortunately a very ugly grating grinding noise ensued. Took it to Apple (first bad experience I'd had there ever.. But that's another story) basically they said hard drive is fine could be optical drive was their best bet, they recommended that I take it to a Mac reseller (which I also won't be going back to ever!). Explain everything to said reseller (I needed this done urgently for work) they said fine we will disable the optical drive for $150. Worked like a dream then four days later the grinding noise is back...excruciating. I call them up and they are not interested because it's a "vintage" machine and say it "it could be the fan". So I have read Jastormonts thread also, plus a lot of other info. Now because I need this for work purposes I need a relatively quick fix or solution (rental?) before I upgrade when the new ones come out. I am happy to fit the fan myself if I assume that it is the fan making the noise..seems logical seeing as the optical drive is now disconnected. Finding one in Australia is proving difficult although I haven't exhausted all avenues. So I guess what I am asking is...should I pursue the fan option and get a few months or more use out of it before I can afford to get a new one or is it more cost effective to rent on for a week? I have my hard disk etc backed up. Any recommendations re fans would be good.

    Thanks in advance

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    Tracing the source of a grinding noise should have been as simple as listening to each corner of the machine and tracing where it sounds the loudest. On a MacBook Pro (Early 2008), the two fans are located towards the back of the machine near the hinge while the HDD and Optical Drive are located towards the front. If the sound is loudest towards the rear vent, then it's a fan.

    I've met a lot of competent technicians while I was working for an AASP, and all of them could trace the source of a noise in a machine. I have absolutely no idea why both Apple and this AASP weren't able to, but I wouldn't be going back there.

    It's difficult to point you in the right direction for replacement parts without knowing what state/city you're in, but it may be worth asking some other AASPs (there's some good ones out there) if they have any spares for these machines. Some of them may have some old machines that they can scavenge some fans from. I've had Microseconds (Welcome to MicroSeconds) in Sydney suggested to me before when I've been looking for spares, although I haven't dealt with them before.

    If all else fails, iFixit has replacement fans for these models as well:

    MacBook Pro 15" Model A1260 Fans

    MacBook Pro 17" Model A1261 Fans

    I may have had a couple of fans for this model floating around here from when I dismantled my old Pro, but I'm in Adelaide so probably not of much use.

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    IMic thank you so much (I'm in Victoria) and yes I am writing to Apple and the AASP re their "service". I did see the ifixit thank you...just hoping to get it as quick as possible. Much appreciated.

    The noise is excruciatingly loud (Apple said hard disk is fine but I suspect it won't be soon) and initially it sounded like it was right front but it's so loud 😁😁😁😁can't even have it on long and am avoiding using it as much as possible.
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