Not sure that this is co-incidence or not. in the past TNT have been the only reliable courier I can get to come to my place. Only an hour from Melbourne but rural area and couriers hate wasting the time to come 10 minutes out of the township to deliver.

So, ordered new macbook pro after Christmas. Throw in a public holiday and have a later than usual delivery date, which I expected. Received shipment info and over a period of 7 days, it went back and forth between 3 depots and then nothing. Started to call TNT and was told I would receive return phone calls and it would never happen. Stayed home for 5 business days when I finally had to get the hell out of the house and do things like go to work.

After 10 days was told that it was lost. They did nothing so I contacted Apple. Apple were concerned enough to get on to them through their own department that deals with TNT. Day 12 received notification that delivery was to be that day and it finally arrived at 5pm. Apple called me 2 days later and said to ask "J" (my hubby that signed for it) where the MBP was because he signed for it. WTF? Bit late. Better late than never, 9 days after TNT originally said it was due for delivery.

So Apple person I was dealing with rang me day 15 and said she would like to apologise for the inconvenience and offered something to the value of $50 from the Apple store online. I chose headphones and they were shipped the next day. With expected delivery the 15th. Here we are today and still no delivery. I called TNT early morning, because I cannot stay another day home waiting for $35 headphones. I'm on the road for work so cannot have delivery to workplace. They tell me that Apple will call me by 10am. No phone call. Tracking info also shows back and forth between 3 depots and then nothing since the 16th. Both times items have arrived in Melb from Sydney overnight.