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    Default Business tips from Tim Cook

    I don't find him all that interesting to listen to for the most part - he certainly doesn't have Jobs' skill as an orator - but this series of interview questions from a session at Duke University provides an insight into some of Cook's methodology as a businessperson. I watched these yesterday and find myself still contemplating some of the things he said.

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    The less you do the more time you have to convince others just how valuable you are, which is why you have people like Tim Cook climbing the corporate ladder.

    The "professions" of business and commerce are all bullshit and should be scrapped from universities. Nothing they teach stands up to any form of scrutiny whatsoever, unless bullying and screwing over others, even within your own organisation, are virtues that should be encouraged.

    There's nothing Tim Cook does that any new science graduate couldn't do, better. I think that's why he's so pathetically hopeless and boring to listen to.

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