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    Default Found an iTunes gift card - How do I check if there's money on it?

    I found a $50 iTunes gift card on the ground in the mall carpark. The card is lime in colour with a purple box in the center with a white iTunes icon in the center of that. On the back the Date of Issue is blank and near the top is a box with a silver strip which I'm guessing can be scratched or peeled off to reveal the card number? There's a 30 number bar code just above the magnetic strip with the last 19 digits repeated just below the strip, but preceded by three letters. Finally there are numbers printed vertically to the left and right of the bar code, one 7 digits and the other 3 digits. Given there's no issue date and the silver strip is intact I'm guessing the card is not activated and therefore there can be no money on it however the ladies in Myer said they don't write the issuing date on cards when the sell them and therefore the lack of an issue date may not mean there isn't money on the card, but they have no way to scan or check the card - they just sell them. What do the people here think? Could there be money on the card and if so how do I check? I don't use iTunes so therefore I'm not going to install it and sign up for an account just to check the card! Would the staff at the Apple Store be able to scan the card and tell if it's been activated or if there's money on it?

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    Not as far as I'm aware.

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    Doubt the Apple Store would be of any use because most people who get itunes cards buy them or get given them as gifts and hence they've been activated, also, the usual recipient would have a use for it so would be more than happy to check it themselves.

    My guess is it's probably someone who's picked it up off the rack but not had it activated. My suggestion would be to find someone who has a use for it, if there's something on there let them have it and call it a day, if not there's nothing lost. If you really wanted to you could ask them to buy it off you.

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