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    Default 10% all year round and sometimes more for iTunes Credit (Aust)

    Hi Guys,

    I found this site, I'm not going to list it here, but I'm wondering would people buy from such a site? The reason is I'm not sure whether it is legit or not.

    It states it offers 10% discount year round iTunes gift cards. You can get better deal if you order $200 or more, might save up to 12%. Sometimes, during holiday periods, it offers up to 20%. I'm just wondering would people buy from this site even if it is a trusted site? You can pay through paypal and delivery is within 24 hours. You don't have to buy gift cards as well, you can gift apps as well as movies and music.

    Just asking for your opinions, would you buy from this site when you are not able to get 20% discounts and such likes or does people generally stock up iTunes card when it is on special. I think this business module is kinda cool in a sense.
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    Pretty sure you'd go out of business pretty quickly if you did enough volume at 10%, actually. A few here and there might be OK provided you had enough stock of discounted iTunes cards, but the chances of them making money are pretty slim.

    And to answer you question: no, I probably wouldn't buy from them. 20 and 25% discounts are plentiful enough these days. Maybe I'm just not buying enough apps/media from iTunes

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