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    I tried to time myself reading the word "back". Unfortunately I couldn't tap the start/stop button quick enough so I can't tell how fast it was. But it was pretty quick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tombull View Post
    I particularly find the text buttons in the Music app confusing - 'Repeat' and Shuffle' - it doesn't make sense to me to have two buttons sitting there saying what they do, but not doing it!

    I also think that having to 'read' the function of a button takes longer, whereas an icon or shape (such as a back arrow) by design, immediately communicates its purpose.
    I can agree with what you are saying, however, if the design and placement is consistent across most apps such as the back button then there should be no difference whether it's an icon or a label after a few days of use. With the back button for example, you should not need to read the text each time and if the same location performs a different action the change of text visually should catch your attention enough to reread it.

    The repeat and shuffle options I feel need greater contrast between the deselected and selected states, if you have any glare on the screen it can become difficult to distinguish quickly.

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