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    Default iPod mini CompactFlash upgrade - iPod won't boot from CompactFlash

    I'm trying to put a 16GB CompactFlash card into an iPod mini. the card is a SanDisk Extreme CompactFlash, this one. I couldn't restore to it from my PC and gave up with that. So I tried restoring it from my Power Mac G5 (running Leopard, iTunes 10.6.3) via FireWire. I can actually restore the iPod, however it does not reboot automatically once it finishes restoring (as it should) when the iPod goes to reboot, it will not boot off the CompactFlash. It gives me the folder icon. If I unplug the iPod and plug it back in, it mounts and goes through the whole, "Set up your new iPod" thing, and I can sync music to it, and on the Mac everything looks fine. However I cannot make the iPod boot from it. The iPod works fine with the original MicroDrive, so I'm guessing its an issue with the card itself. It supports Ultra DMA, so it shouldn't be a compatibility issue. I've tried putting the iPod into Disk Mode and formatting it with Disk Utility and then restoring it, with no success. Any ideas?
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    Might be some esoteric thing where you have to set the boot flag for the iPod partition on the CF card?

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