Hi Everyone,

I just got a new iPhone 5, and I would like to migrate all of the information from my Motorola Defy (Android) phone to it.

I have looked online at some general advice, but I am particularly concerned about getting all of my contacts from the Motorola to the iPhone. I have a mixture of business contacts (through my Exchange Account), and personal contacts (primarily on my SIM card). I am not too concerned about the Business Contacts because Exchange hosts everything on a server (so I am confident that email contacts will migrate quite seamlessly) however I am a bit lost about how to make sure that my personal contacts don't get lost. Traditionally when upgrading from one phone to another I would simply copy all contacts to my SIM and then insert the SIM into my new phone and copy all contacts from the SIM (it didn't really matter if I had to change SIMS (or by extension phone numbers) because I simply used the SIM like a flashdrive to store data). Unfortunately I cannot use the "tried and true" SIM method because my Motorola uses a normal sized SIM whereas my iPhone 5 uses a Micro-SIM (so the Motorola SIM simply won't fit into the iPhone!).

I have had a couple of other thoughts regarding how to transfer contacts -

1). Sync all of my contacts to my Gmail account (required for Android phones - in order to access the PlayStore (equivalent of the iPhone Market))
2). Download an App for Android to save the contacts to a file on my SD Card, and then download the same App for my iPhone (and restore the contacts from file)

Are there any Apps available for both the Android and the iPhone from the same developer for transferring contacts between the two types of phones?

Any general advice on how to safely transfer all of my contacts and other information (Pictures, Texts, etc) will be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,