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    Default Transferring contacts from Android to iPhone

    Hi Everyone,

    I just got a new iPhone 5, and I would like to migrate all of the information from my Motorola Defy (Android) phone to it.

    I have looked online at some general advice, but I am particularly concerned about getting all of my contacts from the Motorola to the iPhone. I have a mixture of business contacts (through my Exchange Account), and personal contacts (primarily on my SIM card). I am not too concerned about the Business Contacts because Exchange hosts everything on a server (so I am confident that email contacts will migrate quite seamlessly) however I am a bit lost about how to make sure that my personal contacts don't get lost. Traditionally when upgrading from one phone to another I would simply copy all contacts to my SIM and then insert the SIM into my new phone and copy all contacts from the SIM (it didn't really matter if I had to change SIMS (or by extension phone numbers) because I simply used the SIM like a flashdrive to store data). Unfortunately I cannot use the "tried and true" SIM method because my Motorola uses a normal sized SIM whereas my iPhone 5 uses a Micro-SIM (so the Motorola SIM simply won't fit into the iPhone!).

    I have had a couple of other thoughts regarding how to transfer contacts -

    1). Sync all of my contacts to my Gmail account (required for Android phones - in order to access the PlayStore (equivalent of the iPhone Market))
    2). Download an App for Android to save the contacts to a file on my SD Card, and then download the same App for my iPhone (and restore the contacts from file)

    Are there any Apps available for both the Android and the iPhone from the same developer for transferring contacts between the two types of phones?

    Any general advice on how to safely transfer all of my contacts and other information (Pictures, Texts, etc) will be greatly appreciated.

    Kind Regards,


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    Hi Davo

    Welcome to MacTalk. This page looks like it may be of assistance: Transfer contacts from your Android device to an iPhone


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    Default Thanks Ben

    Hi Ben,

    Thanks for this great tutorial.

    Kind Regards,


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    There's also a cross-platform app called PhoneCopy, which backs up your contacts in the cloud. I'm using this because I hate using iTunes to manage my iphone contacts. The Android version is here: https://www.google.com.au/url?q=http...gBc_FDyzTxxeqQ

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    Default This is the method that I used to migrate from Motorola Defy (Android) to iPhone (5)

    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks again for your insights & advice.

    Ultimately I decided on the following workflow, and by using it I have managed to transfer everything from Android to iPhone (with the exception of Text Messages) -

    1). Copied SIM contacts to Android phone memory
    2). Exported contacts to SD Card (on Android phone) in VCard format - Importing, exporting, and sharing contacts
    3). Transfered VCard file from SD Card to PC
    4). Created a Google Account
    5). Opened the Google Account from a browser (on PC), went to Contacts, and then uploaded VCard contacts to the Google account
    6). Configured the iPhone (using a separate Windows user account - so as to allow for importing pictures & videos through iTunes)
    7). Created a "CardDAV" account on the iPhone and synchronised all Contacts - Sync contacts with your iOS device

    I hope that the technique above helps others with seamless migration to an iPhone.

    Kind Regards,


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    Thank you Davo. This may help many users who switch from Android to iPhone. By the way, to transfer sms text messages from Android to iPhone, I recommend a program called Backuptrans Android SMS to iPhone Transfer. Works great.
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    Hi Abiromy,

    Glad that my technique helped.

    Kind Regards,


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    Looking for an easy way to tranfer contacts from phone to another . Samsung Transfer tool offers a good and easy solution to transfer Data including Music, Video, Photo, Playlist, Message, Contact from phone to phone .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Egspriinn View Post
    Looking for an easy way to transfer contacts from phone to another .Samsung Transfer tool offers a good and easy solution to transfer Data including Music, Video, Photo, Playlist, Message, Contact from phone to phone .
    For contacts, you can try Google Gmail to sync contacts.
    This is done from the iPhone, and will transfer the contacts from Google to the iPhone:

    Open “Settings” then go to “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” and choose “Add Account”
    Select “Other” and look under “Contacts” to choose “Add CardDav Account”
    Enter the following details into the fields, then tap “Next” Server: google.com User Name: Password: your password Syncing starts immediately, exit out of Settings and launch the “Contacts” app to check on the progress, the entire process may take a while for large address books. For messages transfer, you need to Mobiledic phone transfer to transfer messages from Android to iPhone, Google mail can't transfer messages.
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    The most popular transfer software I know are: Move to iOS and Androidphonesoft. You can free transfer contacts from android to android as well as sms, photos, music and videos.
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    Move to iOS can help you transfer data from android to iphone, which can transfer data like contacts, photos from android to iphone, but you cannot move paid apps, and some music cannot be palyed on iphone, so are the videos.
    And if you have Gmail account, you can sync the data. It couldn't be easier with a phone transfer program. Simply open it, connect both the phones to your computer and start transfer contacts from android to iphone.
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    There is a method for you to transfer contacts from android to iPhone , you can have a look at the guide , avoid the contacts is lost after transfer , you should go to the offical website to download and install on the computer,
    Step 1:Connect your two phone to the computer,
    Step 2:Selcet contacts you need to transfer
    Step 3:Start to transfer contacts from android to iPhone ,
    Wait for a little while . once all the process is completely , it means that you have succeed transfer, it not only supports to transfer data between different phone , but also you can use it to transfer data to the computer for backup purpose ,

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    If you need to solve your problem with the password like password resetting,recovering or if you lost/delete you files or your pictures in you phone that you have to find out this software may help
    Password Manager

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    between iPhone and Android is a complete and lengthy process, due to their different platforms. iPhone Transfer allows you to transfer files in batch between devices, including iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android devices. transfer contacts between android and iphone

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    It's not a big deal. You can use Google account or other data transfer tool transferring contacts from Android to iPhone.

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