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    Default PowerBook 1400cs

    I have received the Charger for my new PowerBook and now have it running!!!
    It is the base model, with 12mb ram and 117mhz processor- it is running os8.0
    The only problem is that the speaker is not working properly.
    I plan on getting a compact flash card and reader to install 7.6 on. I love the computer except that the screen seems to draw very slowly, things fade instead of instantly going, and you can see a trail from the mouse when you move it.
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    Sadly that's the passive matrix display causing the "ghosting", I can't stand it but some don't mind it, the 'c' display is magnificent if you can find one.

    Also, I used to use a 1400 heaps during uni and the only MP3 program that worked without skipping doing anything else was the beta of WinAmp (yes WinAmp - not MacAmp!). They never released further versions of it.

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    Chances are, the speaker is working fine. The 1400 speaker was complete and utter crap - even back in 1997. And as someone who had a 1400 as his main machine back in the day, I'll back up Byrd in regards to the 1400's inability to play MP3s without skipping while diong something else. I never used WinAmp, but I remember trying even GreyAMP (which was pretty stripped down compared to other players at the time, no skins or anything like that), and even it skipped.
    Good. Fast. Cheap. Pick two...

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