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    Default Lion not showing on purchases in App Store

    I want to download Lion again (new HDD, and I don't have a copy of the installer) but it doesn't appear on my App Purchases page. I believe that I may have clicked on the little 'x' next to Lion on the Purchases page and hidden it.

    I have now gone to iTunes to my account and tried to reinstate Lion by going to iCloud and clicking on Hidden items. At this point iTunes tells me I have one hidden item, but when I click on that, the next page says I have no hidden items. Furthermore, that page appears to be showing me only iPhone or iPad Apps - not Apps downloaded to the MacBook.

    Have Apple changed that page to only show iOS downloads - or am I missing something? Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Mac App Store is what you need, not iTunes App Store. Click on the apple up top left and select Mac App Store.
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    Of course - how silly! Thanks

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    If you have already downloaded the Lion installer, you may find it does not show up in your Purchases in the App Store, try holding down the option key when you select the Purchases tab - you should then see the option to download the installer again. From there I recommend creating a bootable thumb drive - you will then have a ready installer when you need it without the 3.5GB download.

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    New here, can you create a bootable USB of lion just in case without it messing anything up on the restore partition of the computer?

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    Yes, just Google there are several websites with complete instructions how to do it.

    I have a 32Gb USB Thumbdrive with other installers and technical utilities for use on our multiple Macs.

    Apple will sell you one, but typically for far more than it either costs or is worth.

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