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Thread: buying online

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    Has anyone had any experience buying on line with ozdv.com. They seem to offer very cheap prices.
    Secondly how can you be sure of an online company's authenticity. Any ideas on who to trust and good deals.
    Looking at mini dv camera and digital slr.

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    Check this out on their site:

    Apple iPod nano 2GB MP3 Player-BLACK
    AU $319.95 (Save AU $105.00)

    WTF?!? The retail price is $299!

    I buy quite a bit from online retailers, and have had no problems so far. Using a credit card, if I suddenly found unauthorised charges (everyone's greatest fear) I can always have them reversed by the bank.
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    Right on Currawong. What is it with their 'Market Price'! I wouldn't be buying anything from them in a hurry. Is there a rule about quoting a RRP several hundred dollars above what the actual RRP is?60 GB iPod $771.95. Que?
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    i personally would be staying a long long way away <_< mainly because their is no real contact information and well... the prices.


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