I'm a photographer using digital workflow. I transfer the image files from a Compact Flash card in an Epson P-2000 directly to a network file server using the Finder. Most of the time, the Finder gets stuck and locks up while copying the files. It appears to happen after a few batches of transferring, though it happened today the very first time I tried to do it on a freshly-booted machine. I try relaunching Finder, but it doesn't help. I cannot even unmount the server and the Epson. Eventually, I have to reboot the machine while they are mounted and run Applejack -- though that doesn't clear the fault most times.

PowerMac G4 Graphite OSX 10.3.9. Epson P-2000 firmware is in the current version. The network seems to work OK for everything else. The server is running Samba 3.0.10-1 on Fedora Core 3. If anyone has a clue on, I'd very much appreciate it.