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    Default iPhone 4 running slow with iOS 5?

    Let me start by saying that my own as well as my wife's iPhone 4 run just as snappy with iOS 5 as they did with previous versions.

    However, two of my friends are complaining that the iOS 5 upgrade had turned their iPhones' performance to crap, making them feel slower than 3GS and having a very sluggish UI (e.g. during page swipes). I suggested the usual remedies (restart, reboot, restore), which apparently didn't make any difference. One of my friends went through several restores already but can't seem to fix the problem. Both iPhones were running fine under 4.3.5, so I suggested to them that they visit a Genius bar to have the phones looked at.

    The purpose of this post is getting some feedback on whether anybody had a similar experience with their iPhone 4 after the iOS 5 upgrade. Also, apart from heaps of notifications turned on and arriving all the time, what are other potential performance killers?

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    i feel my iphone 4 is much faster after upgrade to ios5.
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    Same here, feels faster. Note that the iphone slows down when wireless syncing is happening in the background.
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    My 4 feels faster........
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    Mine is noticeably faster.

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    iOS5 actually runs great on ip4.

    Battery does get used up quicker though, maybe that is with icloud

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    hey dotnet,

    i have the same problem with both iphone 4 that i upgraded to iOS 5. I took it to the genius bar and the only advice i got was to restore and restart. neither of which alleviated the problem.

    would appreciate if someone has found a way to fix this problem..

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    Noticeably sluggish for sure.

    Usually i can finish typing a short text before it's even registered on the phone.

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    Have you killed off any apps running in back ground?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erwin View Post
    Same here, feels faster. Note that the iphone slows down when wireless syncing is happening in the background.
    x2. It is expected of it to be slower whilst syncing. Even when I had synchrocity installed on ios4, sometimes the phone will lag to a halt whilst syncing.
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    Default Much slower with no resolution

    iOS5 on iPhone 4 much much slower.

    Minimum 5 seconds to load the Messages app.
    Often a couple of second lag when typing within the app.
    Music app has a four second lag, and sometimes doesn't even open.
    Browsing significantly slower too.
    Overall sluggishness everywhere.

    Have tried closing all background app, resetting and restarting with no significant change.
    Even turned off all iCloud syncs (often named the culprit) with no success either.

    Feel like going back to my ol' Nokia 3310

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    Default Problems with iOS 5 update (on the older iphone 4)

    I've had many problems since the update. I have an Iphone 4, I updated to iOS 5 two weeks ago (the day it came out). Since then I've had the following problems,

    - Certain apps crash unexpectedly.
    - Music and podcasts skipping
    - The album artwork on some podcasts drops off after syncing
    - I've lost the ability to send podcast links from my Iphone (there is a little 'mail' icon on the upper left hand side of the screen you can use to email the link to the podcast to friends... the icon is now greyed out).

    Has anyone else had the same problems?

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    I upgraded to IOS 5 a couple of weeks.. which was a nightmare in itself. After everything was OK - seemed to run OK. No real noticable difference performance wise.

    However, only over the last 2-3 days it has been performing like a brick.... painfully slow. Have reset, restore, removed a heap of apps - all to no avail.

    I have 'System Lite' installed & was giving me some strange memory stats i.e. 504Mb (RAM installed), 433Mb Used, 293Mb Free!!! weird.

    I posted this issue to Facebook & got others who are also suffering...


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    Default Very sluggish after update

    I updated both my 4 and my wife's on the day the update came out, and now both phones are annoyingly sluggish. Messaging opens very slowly (4-5 seconds, as with others on this forum), as does the map. Many of my apps open slowly or crash on the first attempt to open. I've restored and saw temporary success, but a day later the slowdown returned. I've heard a mixed bag of responses from friends, but enough with problems to know it's not just my unit.

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    Default Yup...

    Mark me down as someone with an iPhone 4 running terribly since upgrading to ios 5. Aside from the diminished battery life, the real problems lie in the apps that respond slowly and often crash and even worse the delayed response time when typing on the keyboard. I haven't tried the restore option, and I haven't tried deleting any apps. From what I understand, those actions haven't really helped many people, so I don't feel like wasting my time.

    I guess I'll subscribe to this thread and see if there are any suggestions to make my iPhone 4 run like it did on iOS 4. I'm just assuming my only solution will be to buy the 4s (this seems to happen every time Apple releases a new OS that coincides with a new version of the iPhone. What a bummer.

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    My phone is brutally bad since the update:
    - Battery life is terrible. I've shut just about everything off and it is 8 hours tops.
    - Much slower
    - Phone and pass crashing
    - Notifications not always going off

    This is almsot as bad as the Lion upgrade I did which made my laptop a brick.

    I remember when Apple used to be reliable. Now I have laptop and phone that are both less than a year old and both are virtually useless half the time

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    Default I copy that

    This is a very big problem - i can confirm that the iPhone 4 is running very very slow after IOS5 update.

    I really hope that Apple will release an update asap.


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    Try disabling calendars from notification center. Had similar problem and this helped me.

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    I know I'm not on iPhone 4 but feel compelled to post. Like everyone else, I was seeing a definite speed increase when I first upgraded. For the last week there has been a gradual slowdown. The lag whilst typing for sms and whatsapp has been a nightmare. A reboot fixes it temporarily but only for a few hours. I dont know if whatsapp caches a lot but I never found an issue on os4. This, in combination with the fact that it doesnt look like Amazon will update Stanza has led me to downgrade to OS4.1 (not possible to downgrade to anything newer, sadly)

    I may not now have the benefits of iCloud, but at least my phone won't stall. Syncing apps as I type, music and audiobooks next.

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    I finally succumbed & performed a factory reset (wiped the entire device). Have just completed a restore & all seems OK. **Also noted that my battery was draining at a rate of knots!!! Will see how this goes.... fingers crossed :-)

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