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    Quote Originally Posted by toholio
    In fact, I'll put money on the state budget having a another stimulus to "help" first home buyers that actually gets poured into sellers' pockets. My guess would be stamp duty cuts and another boost to the First Home Buyers'/Vendors' Grant.
    BAM! The state budget is out and there's a 20% stamp duty cut rising to 50% over time.

    EDIT: Also, Property stalls hurt state finances

    So the government has lost $135 million of revenue because of the faltering property market...
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    Idiots, they still make plenty already, if they are so dependent on money from stupid housing prices, then it shows very clearly they don't care one iota about making housing affordable. It was actually a good thing to have the market slowing.
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    Default Moving from Perth to Melbourne

    Hi All,
    My Partner & I are moving to Melbourne between the end of November 2016 - March 2017.

    We are wanting to buy a small-medium sized block of Land to build a ECO FRIENDLY Kit Home on. My Store will be separate to the side of our Home.

    We are looking at 30 minutes maximum in driving distance from the CBD, if possible in relation to peak hour travelling in the afternoons. The furthest from the CBD in driving distance is 40 minutes if we really have to that is.

    Running 2 small home-based businesses which I am wanting to be central with going to & from Wholesalers. I am wanting on the South- East side of the Princes Highway if we can find one there otherwise have to look at the other side if we have to.

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    It's not clear where you mean by East side of Princes Hwy, it runs from west to east and then south once it gets to the east. 30min will mean buying an existing house and knocking it down. Also means 700-800k. I live 15min from the CBD at 5am, but more like 45min in peak morning and about the same at night in the SE (Blackburn). The West is a lot cheaper, but the commuting time is even worse. It's pretty standard for morning traffic reports to say the roads are clogged from the West gate freeway running back to almost Werribee (which is a far flung town from Melb but lots of new housing out that direction). In the East there is very far north, or far south. 30min would be a fantasy there even with no traffic.
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    Hi Woofy,
    Thanks for your reply & is much appreciated.

    I realised I did a typo with not typing in South-East. I am not a Rural living Girl either & is why I was thinking to go that side.
    I had a read up on Blackburn & I will be checking it out when over there to get a feel of the atmosphere!

    We have weighed up the positives & negatives of buying where with knowing we need to knock down an old house in the 30 minutes driving distance from the CBD. If we can get a decent amount knocked off the asking price of a property we end up purchasing then we are happy to do so with demolition costs factored in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by toholio View Post
    Rental yields in Australia, not just Melbourne, make no sense whatsoever. Either rents are stupidly low or house prices are stupidly high.
    One of those IS correct but it isn't the one about rent
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