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    Published on 28th September 2011 by
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    10am Pacific time - (Wednesday, 5 October 2011 at 4:00:00 AM - Melbourne time)

    Set to happen in Cupertino.

    Apple confirms October 4 event: Let’s talk iPhone | 9to5Mac | Apple Intelligence ...
    Published on 10th May 2011 by
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    A few weeks ago I was playing around with my Elgato EyeTV software and I noticed that the software also supported a couple of different HD network TV systems, and not just the Netstream device that Elgato make for themselves. (Click the link to see a review for that device).

    I did some hunting around the web and found that one of the supported Network / IPTV systems is called Freebox, unfortunately not available here in Australia. HDHomeRun powers the Kaiser Bass Network TV Tuner and it is available here and there are a couple of ways to get hold of one - direct from the supplier via hdhomerun.com.au ...
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    This is an opinion piece by forum member Lutze - do you agree? Disagree? Throw in your 2 cents and comment on this post.

    Sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin with a pineapple just where you don’t want one - most of the people who visit this site are proud Mac users. Proud of our lack of need for antivirus applications that hog our CPU, proud of not needing to run a firewall because, “Hey, I run a Mac, most hackers who hit it can’t do anything anyway!”.

    Wake Up!

    While you’ve been sleeping the Apple software platform has been ritually sodimised quicker than any other OS once again. CanSecWest has gone past with a whimper rather than a bang this year, but if you were paying attention you’d notice that a fully patched Macbook Pro got taken (it now sits gingerly on Charlie Millers desk on a cushion while it recovers) quicker than any of the 3 systems on display in the annual PWN2OWN, that Mac users should by now be getting used to “winning”. ...
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    605713-stephen-conroyThis is an opinion piece by forum member Lutze. Agree, disagree? Tell us why in the forums!

    With the government stubbornly ploughing through with the Clean Feed proposal, it seems that the future is nearly here for Australia as we’re all very close to having the ultimate parent watching over our shoulders as we browse the web. I decided that I’d look into the proposal as far as I could and put myself into the position of a normal, busy Australian family with two kids one approaching 10 and the other 14.

    By the time a child is 14 they are expected to be doing at least a proportion of their school work on a computer, so the pressure is there from the start, that they have a computer in their bedroom where they can study in peace and quiet from their younger sibling. Though, that’s not to say that the younger child would not want a computer of their own, as is often the case.

    As a technical minded person my response is to make sure that the computers are not put in bedrooms, but placed in open, public areas where supervision is possible. But as we’re reminded a lot these days, we simply cannot watch our kids 100% of the time. This is where the Governments mandatory filter will fit in with the vast majority of the populations life. ...
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