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    Published on 22nd April 2015 by  Number of Views: 4821 
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    As someone that normally holds out from new Apple product launches, even Iíll admit that Appleís recent introduction of the Apple Watch left me somewhat intrigued. I hadnít even considered wearing a watch until recently, having become accustomed to the idea of occasionally checking my phone for the time or new notifications, something that throws back to when I first started using the iPhone.

    Watching Tim Cook introduce the watch in September 2014 raised even more questions in my mind. What does this device do that my phone doesnít already? I remember watching the iPhone introduction in 2007 and knowing immediately how it would improve my life and workflow. I watched the iPad introduction in 2010 and knew several instances in which it would be useful. This time, I wasnít so sure.

    It became apparent early on that I was clearly not in the intended audience for this one. Iíd never needed my technology to be this personal, never considered checking my phone to be an inconvenience and never considered having a digital device to monitor my health. Iíve finished off a block of dark chocolate while writing this article alone, so frankly Iím not sure I actually want to know what my heart rate or health stats are.

    Still, curiosity prevailed. I decided that who better to review an Apple Watch than someone that has absolutely no reason to own one?

    That, and someone here had to do it.

    Somewhat hazy after a sleepless night, charged on considerable ...
    Published on 2nd June 2014 by
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    We're now only a few short hours away from Apple's WWDC 2014 Keynote Address from the Moscone Center in San Francisco. So far it looks like it'll be an interesting one, with demonstrations of OS X 10.10 and iOS 8 expected and some mysterious covered banners at Moscone West suggesting that something new is on the horizon.

    Update 4:30 ACST: The keynote address has concluded. Stay tuned throughout the day for MacTalk's news and analysis of what ...
    Published on 20th May 2014 by
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    Around four months ago, I faced a dilemma. Only a week away from commencing my studies, my already problematic MacBook Air decided that it was game over. Attempt to imagine this scenario for a moment. You have a limited budget, limited time and now, limited patience because your electronic companion has decided that now is an excellent time to leave. Iíd have been livid if I wasnít already preoccupied with freaking out.

    Fortunately, I had another computer in storage. An old MacBook Pro. It was covered in dust and its battery didnít hold a charge. Not to mention itís one of those models notorious for developing graphics processor issues. It was in desperate need of attention if it were to survive the amount of use it was about to endure.

    When it comes to keeping an older computer alive, I have some experience. For several years I worked at an Apple Authorised Service Provider, maintaining machines as old as the PowerBook G4 that were still being used as recently as last year. Some of these machines were my own.

    What I would like to share here are some of the tips and tricks I know and learned in the process of keeping these machines ticking away. From simply ...
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