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    Published on 13th December 2012 by
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    I have to admit when people mention Bluetooth headsets, the image that immediately springs to my mind is a self-important middle-manager strutting around with a little plastic earpiece—complete with flashing blue LED—stuck on his ear, having very loud and public conversion with some other middle-manager who is likely just as unimportant as himself ... just so that everyone else in the bus, train, street, KFC, or where ever he happens to be, can easily overhear and be suitably impressed about how important the said noisy-but-mostly-redundant-douche really is. So the news that I’d somehow managed to win a set of Gunn Audio Aerio bluetooth headphones via an online promotion ... well, let’s just say that I was a bit apprehensive due to my deep-seated prejudice. ...
    Published on 29th November 2012 by
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    Smartphones, and particularly late model iPhones, are remarkable little devices. They play our music, enable us to surf the net from virtually anywhere, we can watch feature length movies, Facebook, Twitter, emails, heck, I'm even typing this article on my iPhone 5 using an Apple BlueTooth keyboard. And while PCs and even notebook computers are frequently getting replaced by smaller, smarter, thinner iPhones and iPads, there's another product category that is suffering terribly under the burden of smartphone popularity: compact cameras. ...
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    The following is a list of both things I have and can recommend, and also some things I'd like to have (some of which are just dreaming of course, but what the hell). Hope they give you some good ideas for both your shopping list and your own wish list! Items are listed are in order of cheapest to most expensive, and each heading links to some of the cheapest prices I've found for each item ... but I'd still recommend shopping around!

    Merry Christmas MacTalk! ...
    Published on 15th November 2012 by
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    I've really been enjoying my new iPhone 5. I was a bit slower on the bandwagon than most of my fellow MacTalk writers, but almost a month to the day since the 5 was announced I finally wandered into a relatively quiet Telstra store to get my hands on a shiny new device. Tip for young players: pick a Telstra store that's in a demographic area containing mainly old people, and bingo! ... no iPhone waiting lists or crowds of people looking for the latest gadgets. The specials bins out the front of Terry White Chemists on the other hand ... ...
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    A Smart Car will get two people from A to B, but it's not really as fast, sexy or as enjoyable to drive as an Audi R8. A 'fun-size' Mars bar is somewhat lacking in the coma-inducing-sugar-hit department unlike its larger 'King Size' cousin. And when it comes to hardware and software, quite often our mobile devices and their native apps don't quite live up to the capability and usability of their full blown Macintosh relatives. ...
    Published on 18th October 2012 by
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    I love high quality sound. Ever since I was a kid I was surrounded by pianos, drum kits, and a heap of high quality, high output audio equipment including amps, mixers and 500 watt speaker bins. I still carry this expectation of high quality sound with me today. The car has a ten speaker Bose sound system installed. My wife has to put up with THX Certified surround sound speakers scattered throughout the living room at home. And I still swoon over a beautifully crafted acoustic drum kit or deliciously rich sounding grand piano.
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    There are some things in life that utterly and completely irk me. Car bras. Dash mats. Seat covers. Condoms. Okay, the last one is a necessary evil, but the point is every one of these things is designed to protect the thing they are placed on, but nine times out of ten they end up ruining the experience of actually using the thing they're designed to protect. Put it this way, I didn't buy a meticulously designed beautiful looking car only to put a stupid black bra over the front—just in case it might get a stone chip or two. And this is definitely how I feel about iPhones and iPads.

    One of my previous articles discussed the bulk and tactile ...
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    Design of the way a product looks and feels is paramount for commercial success. The recent iPhone 5 launch has only confirmed the amount of time and effort that Apple puts into making their products look amazing and enticing—to the point where a lot of people just have to have one because it looks so good. But quite often these good looks can come at a cost. It is something we call in the design industry as having ‘form over function’. To put it simply, ‘form over function’ occurs when the look and feel of a product has a higher priority during the design phase, and can actually affect its usefulness, efficiency and ergonomics (the way the product relates to the body).

    Published on 6th September 2012 by
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    Wunderkit Vs Producteev

    You wouldn’t spend weeks researching engineering drawings to work out what type of bridge to build in order to make it easier for you to cross the street. Alas, I’ve found myself doing just this, but with probably the most ironic type of software: task management and productivity! ...
    Published on 23rd August 2012 by
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    The Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad has sparked a debate in my mind about what the iPad is and why we are constantly trying to turn it into something that it’s not. The appeal of the iPad is obvious: sleek, sexy, lightweight—a real showpiece of technological achievement. So why do we feel compelled to ‘fix’ it by adding a plethora of cases and accessories to make it more like a netbook or MacBook Air (yet with none of the style and panache of the Air once all the bits are added) ... and ultimately ruining what was once an obsessive compulsive minimalist like myself’s ultimate ...
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