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    Published on 28th February 2010 by

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    <h3 style="font-size: 1.17em;">This is a guest piece by forum user jayp. Agree, disagree? Tell us why in the forums!</h3>
    Let's be honest - the Apple TV, in its current iteration, offers little for your average technical consumer and does not have the word of mouth required to move into the home of those that are non-technical. Right now, the Apple TV is just a a cute little box full of hopes and dreams that never made it out of the starting gate. But with the right work and direction could very quickly become a force in your loungeroom.

    I can tell you why the AppleTV has failed, and do not be fooled, it <em>has</em> failed. It's why Apple treats it like the red headed step child and rarely mentions it. Why has it failed? It failed because Apple could not make up their minds as to what they wanted to do with the device, and then when they did decide on a direction, it was half arsed. Is it a movie player? Is it a media extender? Is it a rental device? Is it a media center? Spin the wheel and take your pick - it's what Apple did. ...
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