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    Published on 7th December 2012 by
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    Cheap gift - Make the most of the iPad

    The Compass Stand for iPad by Twelve South

    Image: Twelve South website

    Set the stand at 15 degrees to make typing on the iPad touchscreen a breeze or at 60 degrees to watch movies or read a book and you'll appreciate how stable and useful this stand is. It collapses into to small narrow package for easy transport and at only 196 grams is invaluable for when you want to take ...
    Published on 1st December 2012 by
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    Duplicating technology

    Earlier this year i went to Hawaii for two weeks. In addition to my iPhone I packed a 11" MacBook Air, Kindle (4th gen), iPad (1st gen), camera (Canon Powershot G11), and an iPod Nano (6th gen). Given that the iPhone can theoretically perform the vast majority of the functions of the computer, eReader, tablet, camera and media player, why did I carry all that additional mass and weight?

    In short, as good as the iPhone is, its design is a compromise between capability, ...
    Published on 27th August 2012 by
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    Traditionally, I've always been an early adopter. As soon as new upgrades were available, within hours, they were installed on my computers. Today I'm still happily running OS Lion and don't see any reason to upgrade to Mountain Lion in the near future. So why has my response to Mountain Lion (ML) been different to Snow Leopard and Lion (and before that Leopard and Tiger)? It's not that I think that Lion is the ultimate OS and I don’t I have any issues with ML but, for me, it's a balancing act between the benefits and risks of upgrade.

    What appeals to me in Mountain Lion

    Despite ML's ...
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