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    Published on 5th October 2012 by
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    Omnifocus is a powerful beast. If Omnifocus were a house, I could live there for 30 years and still find hidden laundry shoots and light switches. If Omnifocus were a sandwich press, I would stumble upon it, drunk, at 2am, and stare in wonder as it pressed a perfect impromptu pizza. It's really good. I've been using OmniFocus on my Mac, iPhone and iPad for the past month, and it's the first time in my perpetually disorganised life that I've actually made a serious commitment to a Getting Things Done system. If you're interested in how Omnifocus works or how you could get more out of it - read on, MacTalk.

    Published on 21st September 2012 by
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    Does anyone like in app purchases? Developers obviously do. Free to play games with purchasable "coins" dominate the top grossing charts, with some making an estimated 12 million a month. A MONTH. Given the immense popularity of free to play as business model, we've seen a rise in "slot machine" gaming. Simple, addictive iOS games that seek purely to hook the player into spending money on in game currency. Even apps like Angry Birds have "in-appified", shifting from the primary model of "pay once and get free updates and new levels forever" to "that, but please, please, please buy the mighty eagle thing, or some power up thing, or some other thing to help you cheat.

    But is it all ...
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    My rule when buying hard drives is this. "Whatever I think I need, double it." There's a short lived period where your 3TB external USB drive feels unlimited, but eventually, all your free frolicking through a buffet of digital indulgence comes to a halt. Suddenly Sabnzbd stops downloading, your plans to copy a friend's terabyte of movies is stalled and your parent's Windows 7 discs sits idly on your desk until you get around to installing that bootcamp partition you've been putting off.
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    (This post is a response to James Croft's excellent article "How I learned to stop worrying and love Evernote". Read that before I tell you why he's wrong.)

    We're in a relative mess when it comes to note taking and word processing apps, and I think I've found the main culprit - Microsoft Word. For a long time, mums, dad's and even geeky uncles have been misusing Word as their default Blob Of Paragraphs Dumping Bin, saving their assignments, snippets of writing or, god forbid, album of images into a convenient (ahem, proprietary) .doc or .docx file before emailing it to themselves, or dumping ...
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    Image opens on restart

    Whenever I restart an image file (CS4_flyout.png) opens in Preview.

    This file is part of an old Adobe suite and the file can be found in

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