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    Published on 17th September 2015 by  Number of Views: 37484 
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    Another year, another version of iOS. However, little did people think that another version of iOS would run on the iPad 2!

    Released in early 2011, The iPad 2 has had quite a remarkably long life. It was sold alongside the iPad 3, iPad 4 and iPad Air before being finally discontinued in 2014. However it lived on as the up until recently sold iPad Mini 1, which is merely a miniaturised iPad 2.

    The iPad 2 also lives on in its installed base, it was the iPad with the highest usage base until quite recently, and despite being overtaken by the iPad Air, it still holds a respectable usage share for a 4 and a half year old tablet.

    In 2012, people started ...
    Published on 16th September 2015 by  Number of Views: 30070 
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    Hi all, just a quick update this afternoon.

    As you all probably know, iOS 9 will be out in the early hours of Thursday morning.

    In case anyone has forgotten, Apple's main focus in iOS 9 was across four key areas: Apps, The iPad Experience, Intelligence and 'Foundation'.

    In terms of apps, there are multiple improvements to the built in apps, with a much improved notes app and improvements to mail and ...
    Published on 10th September 2015 by  Number of Views: 57629  2 Comments
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    Early this morning Apple held its 'Hey Siri, give us a hint' event. As the last minute rumours swirled, here in Australia those of us willing to sacrifice our sleep were waiting up for the live stream to start at 3am. We were treated to an interesting keynote focusing on the iPad, Apple TV and iPhone.

    The keynote started off on a different note this time. There was no time for Tim Cook's usual 'updates' on store openings and marketshare. Instead we were straight ...
    Published on 6th September 2015 by  Number of Views: 47275  4 Comments
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    As I watch Apple announce the next version of iOS at every WWDC, I usually start trying to think how much useful each announced feature will be, and almost every year I overestimate the usefulness of certain features by the time the software is actually released. So with the release of iOS 9 just around the corner, I thought I'd look over what major iOS 8 features I thought I would use, and compared what I thought to how much I actually used them.

    Photos - New Tagging, Search and Editing features.

    When iOS 8 was announced, I doubted I would use any of these new photos features. I ...
    Published on 3rd September 2015 by  Number of Views: 28306 
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    Welcome to the Thursday Morning News Roundup, covering the last week and a half of news.

    Last Thursday saw the biggest news we’ve had in recent times - Apple sent out press invitations for its much speculated September event. The iPhone 6S, a new Apple TV in addition to the release of iOS 9 and possibly OS X 10.11 are rumoured to be highlights of the event. The ...
    Published on 21st August 2015 by  Number of Views: 29153 
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    Good evening MacTalkers, Oldmacs here with your Friday night news update.

    As the spring public release of El Capitan draws closer, yesterday saw the release of OS X El Capitan Developer beta 7. Alongside the developer beta, Apple relaunched the El Capitan developer beta 5. Apple had presumably accidentally pushed out the 5th public beta on Tuesday, as the update briefly ...
    Published on 4th August 2015 by  Number of Views: 32886 
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    Hi everyone. As some of you would know, SRG is on a break from the news desk with the birth of his daughter so I'm going to try and do the news until his return, so feedback is welcome, I'm not very good at this sort of thing.

    To start off today, I'll do a quick recap of the last couple of days, then I'll do morning news as I can.

    The 6th beta of Mac OS X El Capitan (Build ...
    Published on 9th June 2015 by  Number of Views: 3960 
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    Part of this morning's WWDC 2015 was Apple's preview of its upcoming update to OSX.

    To introduce OSX 10.11, Craig Federighi who is Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, took to the stage to highlight Apple’s focus on two areas, ‘Experience’ and Performance.

    The experience component of El Capitan include a number of small improvements including:

    • Improvements to
    Published on 9th June 2015 by  Number of Views: 4585 
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    Well its that time of year again! WWDC 2015 or as I put it, Christmas in June for Apple fans.

    True to the title of a developers conference, and despite some earlier rumours of Apple TV refreshes and possible new Macs, no new hardware materialized. Todays focus was completely on software.

    Apple’s main announcements were of iOS 9, Mac OSX 10.11 El Capitan and WatchOS 2, with a focus upon refinement and evolutionary ...
    Published on 20th May 2015 by  Number of Views: 3602 
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    Meet the MacTalkers

    Welcome to our much overdue next edition of 'Meet the MacTalkers'. Apologies for the delay with this one!

    The last MacTalker that we got to know was Lawrencium, so today we get to virtually meet his requested interviewee, Nibbles. Nibbles is one of Mactalk's moderators, who works hard to ensure Mactalk is a great site for everyone. So happy reading Mactalkers:


    What does your username and avatar mean?

    A nibble, more than a bit, less than a byte and it’s actually a unit of measure Nibble - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. My avatar is slightly less interesting, It’s my initials in an Adobe CS4 icon style.


    I’m one of about 10 code monkeys employed at a local company. The rest of my time is spent flying aeroplanes and doing computer sciencey stuff at the University of Wollongong.


    Flight level 360

    What's your poison?

    Poison? I don’t drink alcohol if that’s what you mean. ...
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