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    Published on 15th April 2015 by  Number of Views: 2924 
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    Meet the MacTalkers

    Welcome MacTalkers to our mid weekly edition of 'Meet the MacTalkers'. The first MacTalker that we got an insight into was iMic on Saturday, so today we bring you his 'interview' request, Lawrencium. Similarly to iMic, Lawrencium is a MacTalk 'Writer' who is working behind the scenes to revitalise MacTalk. Well thats enough from me, so sit back and enjoy getting aquatinted with Lawrencium and his green owl.


    What does your username and avatar mean?

    I thought it was kind of great that an element shared its naming origin with myself (Lawrence), so of course I adopted it. It's probably not the best element, either, but it exists (103, Lr).

    I do have a particular fondness for owls, and my favourite colour is green, so what is better than a green owl? Exactly.


    Full-time secondary student (final year). Not quite university, but soon enough.


    The fantastical Adelaide.

    What's your poison?

    I take it that this ...
    Published on 11th April 2015 by  Number of Views: 2921 
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    Meet the MacTalkers

    "Get excited MacTalkers, hot on the heels of the definitive "what we would like to see on MacTalk in 2015 thread" we are bringing back an old MacTalk favourite. Some of you who have been around long enough may remember a fun little thing that MacTalk used to do called 'Meet the MacTalkers. Essentially various MacTalk members are going to introduce themselves to you through various interesting questions, that will give an interesting insight into the forum members you chat with daily.

    One of the points highlighted in the "what we would like to see on MacTalk in 2015" was that the community wanted to know who the hard working MacTalk Moderators are, so the first couple of MacTalkers who you will get to know are our Moderators and Writers who are currently working to reinvigorate MacTalk, then after, we'll get the community to nominate who they want 'interviewed' each week.

    This weeks member will be iMic, one of our writers and member currently working on MacTalk renewal.


    What ...
    Published on 27th January 2015 by  Number of Views: 3509 

    Let's face it, Apple is a pretty secretive company. We might get a major leak from time to time, but even most Ďanalystsí and Apple experts have no more of an idea what Apple is going to do than you or I. With that in mind, I thought I would put together a bit of a timeline and prediction of what I think Apple will be doing over the next year.


    February - Apple Watch is released, iOS 8.2 comes out. iOS 8.3 seeded.

    April - iPad Centric event: iPad mini 4 released, 12 inch iPad Pro released, iPad Nano released and new smart covers and iOS 8.3 released.

    WWDC - New Apple TV and Software released, iOS 9 and OSX 10.11 announced. 12 Inch Retina MacBook introduced, slightly redesigned MacBook Pro non retina renamed MacBook.

    September - iOS 9 and OS 10.10 released. iPhone 6S + 6S Mini and upgraded 5C. iPod Nano and Shuffle refresh.

    October - New MacBook Pro Retinas released, New iMac released, iPad Air 3 released, ...
    Published on 19th September 2014 by  Number of Views: 14691 
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    iOS 8 on the iPad 2
    The iPad that just wonít die:

    Back in 2011, Steve Jobs took to the stage to announce the iPad 2. Few would have imagined that over 3 and a half years later, it would still be relevant. Almost no one would have guessed it would have had a shelf life of 3 years.

    Arguably, the iPad 2 was the first tablet to really define the market expectations. When it was introduced, it didnít really have one ground breaking feature specifically. Sure it was thinner, lighter, faster and had two Cameras. It was the combination of these features that combined to make a great iPad experience particularly compared to the iPad 1.

    As time has gone past, the 2 has received many an update. iOS 5, iOS 6. Some people felt that support would stop ...
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