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    Published on 11th June 2013 by
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    Apple just unveiled a completely redesigned iOS and a music discovery service called iTunes Radio during an incredibly fast-paced WWDC keynote. Tim Cook and other Apple executives also announced a brand new Mac Pro, updated MacBook Airs, iWork apps for the web and OS X Mavericks. Here’s everything you missed.

    iOS 7

    Rumours of an impending shift in the design language for the iPhone and iPad’s software circulated for months before today’s event, but none captured the precise look-and-feel of Apple’s radically different iOS 7. The redesigned user interface makes heavy use of light, floating text, places less emphasis on icons and navigation cues, and features a brighter colour scheme. It’s also much more responsive to motion with a parallax effect which allows users to see their wallpaper behind icons ...
    Published on 21st May 2013 by
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    This week, a sophisticated camera utility which turns photos into scanned documents, and a new travel guide with city-based photos and information from National Geographic.

    Scanner Pro

    When the technology is accessible, we really like to digitise things. Apps like iTunes made it possible to take an entire CD collection and play any of its tracks instantly, just as photo conversion and book-to-eBook services do. A scanner at home has long been able to do the same for old paperwork, loose sheets and handouts, but they occupy precious space in a study room or office. Enter the modern day cellphone camera, where sharp, focused photos can be taken ...
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    Remembering stuff is hard. Travel List and uTrakt are two useful apps that help keep the information you need to know in your head, and the rest in your iOS devices.


    How many times have you started watching a TV show before you notice you’ve already seen it? Between an extensive home media library, a personal video recorder, and access to the internet, it’s incredibly easy to get lost in movies and TV shows for hours or even days at a time, which has made keeping track of what you’ve seen and what you haven’t very difficult. uTrakt, a native mobile client for Trakt.tv, solves this problem by offering an extensive ...
    Published on 23rd April 2013 by
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    Happy Tuesday! Today, take a look at Yahoo's rebuilding efforts with their new Weather and Mail apps.

    Silicon Valley tends to separate the winners from the losers by how well its companies can focus. Steve Jobs taught Apple by removing entire product lines after his 1997 return. Facebook pushed popular features aside for a simpler social network. Instagram became a household name for sticking to one product and doing it well. And Google is a powerhouse in part because of its ruthless spring cleaning, which recently claimed one of its most beloved services.

    It’s from the last company that Yahoo’s current CEO, Marissa Mayer, was poached in July 2012, and last week, she shut ...
    Published on 11th April 2013 by
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    This week in iOS App Reviews, take a look at a new iPad-only app from one of the world's best independent app studios. Status Board is all the important information and data required to run a business, or run a life.

    What made Dashboard so appealing when it was released in Mac OS X Tiger eight years ago? Why do Android users love to talk about having fast access to home screen widgets? Or Windows users with their live tiles? It seems people really like ...
    Published on 27th March 2013 by
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    Tonight, read about the completely redesigned ABC app and a service that helps people find the products they'll love.


    It’s been talked about for years, but Fairfax finally gave a price and a timeframe for its paywall last week. It can be no coincidence that within days, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation released a huge update to their app with a newfound focus on news and current affairs. Previously an umbrella app for just about everything the ABC offers, the update gives users access to a far wider range of articles which dominate its home screen, pushing away some of the ...
    Published on 13th March 2013 by
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    This week, take a look at the latest foray into social television and one of the App Store's simplest games.


    As problematic as the industry in Australia and the rest of the world may appear to be, there’s some hope on the horizon in the world of broadcast television. Live events still bring in millions of viewers, since enjoyment of the program hinges on watching it as it unfolds. Live sports dominate the ratings and attract thousands of keen viewers to subscription television, and the enormous success of The Voice made Nine a competitive network ...
    Published on 27th February 2013 by
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    This week, a news aggregator that hopes to make keeping up simpler, and the latest version of Amazon's official iPhone app.

    Hourly News

    Watching the Oscars on a delay is easier said than done. Push notifications from apps like CNN and The New York Times. Spoilers all over Twitter and – even when related tweets are muted – trending topics underneath users’ profiles. Related articles and award show coverage above, below and beside all the major news sources’ articles. Even the iTunes Store couldn’t help but reveal the Best Picture winner with a pre-order banner. Breaking news ...
    Published on 13th February 2013 by
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    This week, EA's latest mind-numbingly addictive game made possible with the writers and actors from The Simpsons, and Westfield's official iOS utility with turn-by-turn directions within each shopping centre.

    The Simpsons: Tapped Out

    For all the attention Sony is about to receive over its long-awaited PlayStation 4, there are few players other than Apple experiencing any significant growth in the video games industry. Even stalwarts like Nintendo are suffering from low customer interest and even lower sales, while Apple takes 30 percent from every game purchase. And fittingly enough, Apple doesn’t even think ...
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    This week we look at a third party utility which displays information and statistics from the CIA World Factbook, and Channel Ten's neglected iPhone app.

    The CIA World Factbook

    As simple as the online community has made accessing facts and figures from all around the world within seconds, the internet is hardly known as a beacon of accuracy and properly researched information, so it's no surprise that some seek out official sources more readily than they search through Google. The CIA World Factbook, first published under its current name in 1981, is an annual publication from the US Government which ...
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