• davidcolville

    Published on 16th August 2012 by
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    In its early days, OS X Server used to cost more than $AU1000, more than any App I could find on the App Store. It now costs $20.99 - and this is a great example of Apple's design fundamental of the last few years - moving applications that used to be expensive almost entirely to a consumer-oriented experience, with an Internet-based method of installation - that only takes a few clicks to get something functional.

    As a consumer-to-SMB oriented, easy-to-use Server system, Mountain Lion Server is easy to setup, focused mainly on collaboration and management systems for Macs as well as iOS Devices. Apple market it as "the server for everyone" and to this end, it's really just an add-on to the existing Mac OS X product. Installation of Mountain Lion Server is a matter of starting with ...
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