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    Published on 6th April 2010 by

    You would think that after launching the iPad Steve, Scott, Phil and Jonny (i.e. The Four Horsemen of the Appleocolypse) would put their feet up, smoke some hookah and just relax for a little bit. Well you obviously don't know these guys very well. That's right peeps...iPhone 4 is being announced on Thursday 8th April (Friday 9th Australia time). Will it include proper multi-tasking? Will it be backwards compatible? Will Scott's eyes look all big and buggy like they did on the iPad video and creep me out? Only time shall tell.

    But that's not all. Not content with releasing the most amazing device in the history of mankind rumours are swirling that Apple may refresh its ENTIRE MacBook line. According to Appleinsider a number of supply issues with the new intel chips have been resolved. Truly we are living in the golden age of the Mac.

    Results have been tabulated and it appears that Apple sold more than 300,000 iPads on the first day alone. Whilst Gene Munster (played in the television series' by Butch Patrick's brother...Pussy Patrick) predicted that Apple would sell 700,000 iPads it seems that Steve is more than happy to declare this a success story. ...
    Published on 30th March 2010 by

    Apple has released 10.6.3 for Snow Leopard. According to the list of enhancements this improves Quicktime, third party USB devices and it will turn your iSight camera into a frickin laser-beam so if someone steals your computer it will shoot them in the head. Simply press the little apple symbol and click Software Update. The update rolls in at 472mbs and is considered a necessary upgrade.

    Those of us who aren't currently traversing the concrete jungle known as New York to pick up some iPads (hope you guys are having fun...we miss you back here) will want to watch these new 'Guided Tours'. We can salivate over what the iPad can do and why we absolutely need one.

    One thing that will have to be updated in order to run the iPad successfully is iTunes. Appleinsider reports that Cupertino is prepping iTunes 9.1 for release over the next few days. The release should apparently change the word 'audiobooks' to the general 'books'. Think they're trying to tell us something? ...
    Published on 16th March 2010 by

    Good morning ladies and gentlemen...well...gentlemen. We start off today's news with a question that I have asked myself many'a drunk nights...would my MacBook make a good hat? Luckily i've never been drunk enough to try it. However it seems that Apple have poached an expert in 'wearable clothing'. I only hope that these new computer clothes are machine washable.

    Well the gentleman's agreement between Apple and Google is officially dead in the freakin water. Apple has poached a senior Google Director of Project Management. I wonder what colour shirt Apple will make him wear?

    With the release date of the iPad coming very soon (sooner if you're getting through a certain Melbournite who's going to NY) Worldofapple decided to release an article. Five arguments for...and against the iPad ...
    Published on 9th March 2010 by

    Amid all the controversy of the Oscars (can you believe that Hurt Locker won for best sound mixing...scandalous!)  Apple had an iPad ad. Here it is in beautiful HQ from the Apple website.

    Unlike other adverts that aired during the Oscars the iPad ad was instantly analysed by tens of thousands of geeks looking for any hint on what the iPad may offer. TUAW found out some info on the bookstore.

    While Newsweek examined the background and framing of the ad to determine how Apple views the device. ...
    Published on 2nd March 2010 by

    Have you always wanted to work in an Apple Store but you're too young? Well fear not my pre-pubescent friends as it turns out that Apple was using child labour in some of its factories. Apple was disturbed to find this out and demanded a complete report in all of its manufacturers hiring policies. The various component suppliers have since 'resolved' the issue by either removing the workers or telling Apple that they're now of an appropriate age to be working. According to Appleinsider Apple is the only Western company "that had ever audited their facility for supplier responsibility.". So feel good using your macs people...they may have been built by children but at least we're trying to stop that.

    The next line of MacMini's are rumoured to have an HDMI port built in. ...
    Published on 23rd February 2010 by

    We start today off with some new iPhone ads. 'On Hold' describes the versatility of the iPhone and how, unlike a normal phone, you can be equally productive when you're waiting for a customer service representative and you're 7th in line.

    The second iPhone ad "First Steps" shows off the video, MMS and conference call functionality and how it can bring a family closer together and share special moments together (cue collective awwwwww)

    Sex...it's fun and it often involves boobs which I believe have to go down in history as the greatest thing in the world (from a male perspective of course). A couple of days ago Apple pulled a number of sex-themed apps from the iTunes store  and as many as 5,000 have been caught in the net. So I propose a MacTalk debate...do we agree with Apple's new rules or do we think that the Puritans have gone too far? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

    We all know that new MacBook Pros are on their way soon. When the Apple Store went down a few weeks ago I suggested it could be a spec bump however it turned out to be a software release. One of the major advantages of the new MBPs is how it handles dual graphics Appleinsider explains. ...
    Published on 16th February 2010 by

    Good Morning Everyone. On this day in 2006 the last Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (MASH) was decommissioned by the US Army, we mark the tragedies of the 1983 Ash Wednesday fires which tragically claimed the lives of 75 people and in 1947 Canadian Prime Minister William King becomes the first Canadian citizen being British subjects.

    Microsoft has unveiled their challenge to the iPhone/Android phone. The Windows Phone takes a great deal of architecture from the iPhone and Android OS. Gizmodo has a pretty serious write-up about the new phone.

    The main focus on the Win7 phone is the new UI functionality and how Apple is now left in the dust. I tend to agree here. The problem with Android and all of the other smart phones that came out was they were clones of the iPhone. No company truly created a new UI like Apple did. Microsoft seem to have done that and kudos to them. I'm also excited for Else's new sPlay UI ...
    Published on 9th February 2010 by

    Good Morrow fair readers. Hopefully the lark's song did not wake thee too early and you all have a fantastic day...enough of the Shakespeare talk...here's the news.

    MacBook Pro...nice little laptop...we may be getting a new one tomorrow. That's right, according to a French rumour site, Apple may decide to announce new MacBook Pros. Once again with rumours we always take them with a grain of salt and a heavy dose of skepticism.

    Are you planning on buying an iPad on launch day and you're not Decryption??? Well apparently you shouldn't. Much like the original iPhone there are rumours that Apple may drop the pricing of the iPad a few months after launch....provided ...
    Published on 2nd February 2010 by

    There's a lot of reasons to hate Stephen Colbert. The man is one of America's funniest comedians, he's devilishly handsome and extraordinarily successful oh yeah....and he has a freakin iPad. Colbert showed it off at last nights Grammy's and it appears that it was a working copy. Way to go Apple for their little bit of product placement.

    Speaking of the iPad it appears that hospitals are interested in using it. The device is light-weight, easy to use and perfect for a doctor to carry as they can simply access a patients file with the tap of a button. It's not surprising. Rumours abound that when Steve was in hospital not dying of liver cancer he saw the inefficiency of the hospital system and said "I shall correct it...My Will be Done" he then cured himself by placing his hands over his liver and said "wax on...wax off" before heading down to the Karate competition and besting his old rival.

    Is Apple joining Twitter? Will we get Jonny's musings on design in 140 characters or Scott's links to LOLCats? Who knows...but it'll be a lot of fun finding out. ...
    Published on 26th January 2010 by

    Happy Australia Day everyone and a very depressing 'Invasion Day' to all of our Aboriginal readers. Today we also celebrate Republic Day in India, Liberation Day in Uganda, Feast Day for Saints Timonthy, Titas, Paul and Alberic and it is also the Third Day of the Sementivae in honour of Ceres and Terra...if the Roman Empire still existed of course.

    Tablet...Apple may be releasing one at an event later this week. Here at MacTalk our spies not only already know what the tablet is going to look like but we also, exclusively, have the link to a public website that has a possible ad of the Tablet. So MacTalk community...real or fake....aaaand go!

    With the Tablet only days away nerds like me are practically having heart palpitations. So when we see a report like this with Steve Jobs saying "It will be the most important thing I've ever done" you can imagine that we're pretty excited to see it. Dude...you invented the friggin iPhone! ...
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