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    Published on 19th January 2010 by

    ZOHMYFREAKINGOD!!!!! Apple has just sent out...wait for it *breathes deeply* an invitation. Eeeeeeek. Apparently they're having an event on the 27th January 2010 and they're inviting the media to see their latest creation *faints from excitement*

    Considering that the whole tech media has gone ape-poopy over this invite they're of course going to study it as if they were the Dead Sea Scrolls. TUAW has some obsessive fun with the invite.

    But what is iSlate 2.0 going to look like? Well there have been a great deal of patents that Apple has applied for so Patently Apple takes a look at all the public ones in order to give us some idea of what, exactly, this fabled tablet really is. ...
    Published on 12th January 2010 by

    Cash. Greenbacks. Moolah. C-Notes. Dosh. Shrapnel. It's all about money. Money makes the world go round. Soon we'll found out exactly how much spare change Steve Jobs has in the back of his couch.

    Ahhh the French. They've given us the croissant, the Louvre and an acceptable period between invasion by the Germans and surrender/corroboration (usually anywhere between 4-6 hours) but now they've also given us something else: Information. France Telecom's Executive confirmed the Apple Tablet. It has a webcam and is perfect for mobile web.

    What good will the iSlate 2.0 be? Well turns out that ol'Jobsy boy may have had an epiphany when he was close to death in that hospital several months ago. Apple has begun to shop the tablet around several hospitals in the LA area.   ...
    Published on 5th January 2010 by

    Boker Tov, Bonjour, Guten Morgen, ?????? ????, Dzie? dobry, Good Morning MacTalkers and welcome to another beautiful Tuesday Morning News. Lots of exciting things today.

    Well we were all wrong. Every single person....not so much about anything important though. Turns out that the Apple Event on the 26th of January...well it's actually on the 27th. The thing about rumours is that they spread like wildfire!

    Though what's less of a rumour and more of an established fact is that Apple is going to be doing something at their Apple Event. Apparently they may be launching iPhone 4.0 (awesome) a beta SDK for a Tablet (awesomer) and a drug that cures all known diseases (ok I guess but as long as they call it a Tablet...hah....I made a funny).

    Published on 29th December 2009 by

    Morning All. We start off today with one of many Tablet rumours. Apple has purchased a website domain called iSlate.com. Therefore until we get confirmation of the actual name I shall officially be calling the Apple Tablet "iSlate 2.0"

    Prior to any major Apple product launch people find it necessary to track down whatever information they can find. Apparently someone has gleaned some information about Apple ordering some 10inch 'robust glass touch-screens'. This seems to fit what we've heard with the multitude of iSlate 2.0 rumours.

    With Christmas over and done with and Boxing Day Sales starting there has been a substantial shift in the number of apps being downloaded from the iTunes store. There was a 51% increase in the number of apps being downloaded from November to December. Merry Christmas Steve Jobs.

    Published on 22nd December 2009 by

    Good Morning my fellow MacTalkers. We start this day off with a rumour about WWDC. Ready your diaries and pencils (ha! Who uses pencils and diaries anymore...open your iCal) as the suspected WWDC 2010 dates are: June 28-July 2nd. Traditionally WWDC is where they launch new iPhone models and other cool stuff.

    I mentioned last week that Steve Jobs was in the running for Time's Man of the Year. Well he didn't win (pfft Ben Bernanke....what affect did he have on the news?) but hopefully this will be a consolation prize. Steve Jobs...yes the Steve Jobs we all know and love (or fear...depends if you work for him) has been named the world's best CEO. Mazel Tov Steve!

    Want to make a lot of money? Well why not be an app store developer? Tapulous, the company that created Tap Tap Revenge, has made more than 20 million dollars since it began to sell its addictive game of tapping on the iPhone. That's nearly 1 million dollars per month. I don't know about you but that's a lot of hookers and blow.

    Published on 15th December 2009 by

    Good Morning Nerds and Nerdettes. We begin with some good news about our Dear Leader. Steven P Jobs (the 'P' of course stands of Pucking Awesome) is a finalist for Time Magazines Person of the Year. Jobs was made Fortune Magazines CEO of the Decade a few months ago and I imagine that this would be a huge ego boost for the smug bastard.

    Anyone else noticed that the App Store got a redesign a little while ago? Well if you didn't notice then it did and you should check it out. Apparently the redesign is being praised by some and condemned by others (nerds either love something or hate something...never in between). Some think that it puts too much emphasis on the poster and less on the information. What does MacTalk Australia (the only nerds worth listening too) think about the changes?

    Speaking about the App Store. Apple has released the best apps of 2009. There's no lame joke here...move along.

    Published on 8th December 2009 by

    Did you miss me? Did you wake up on Tuesday morning all excited and happy, log onto MacTalk and see that there was no Tuesday Morning News and then suddenly you felt like you'd been punched in the nads(or some other appropriate body part for women)? Well stop feeling sorry for yourselves because i'm back with some amazing Mac news!!!

    We all know that marijuana is a gateway drug to much harder and more dangerous drugs (like caffeine) but could the iPod touch be a gateway drug to the iPhone? According to a recent study by some boffins in Flurry...yes. I guess once you buy hundreds of apps you're locked into Apple for a while.

    As the fantastic and brilliant Benny Ling mentioned yesterday Apple bought LaLa over the weekend. But what does this hostile take over mean? Was Apple trying to remove the competition (by making an offer they can't refuse) or does it believe that the technology could play a role in future Apple products. Appleinsider takes a look so you don't have to.

    Published on 20th October 2009 by

    Well today is the big day for Apple shareholders. Today Apple present their quarterly earnings to Wall Street. Considering that Apple has done spectacularly well for a company in a Global Financial Crisis i'm going to be interested to see the results of todays call.

    We all know that Mac is king (if you didn't then you wouldn't be on this website) but what does the mainstream Australian media think of the OS? In a write-up of Windows 7 in the SMH they include the line "Not as much as Apple's Mac OS X, which remains the gold standard for mainstream operating systems". Makes you feel pretty good right?

    Facebook for iPhone. Love it or hate it it's become one of the most popular apps. When 3.0 was released a few months ago it was lacking the essential push notification. Well all of that is about to change with an update being pushed out soon. The question has to be asked...are you really going to use it?

    Published on 13th October 2009 by

    They say that every cloud has a silver lining. Microsoft are seeing that silver clouds are heavy and often fall down to earth, crash and totally screw your entire customer base. As Benny pointed out yesterday the Microsoft Sidekick lost all its data. Appleinsider explores cloud computing and what happens now.

    We all know that iPods are practically bullet-proof vests but now Apple is actually doing something official for the US army. Developing a new line of surveillance equipment for the army Apple was seen as the most logical choice for security. So that unibody Macbook Pro you just bought is now US Army certified.

    Google and Apple. Apple and Google. It was once a story of star-crossed lovers which unlike Romeo and Juliet actually ended badly. The last Apple employee stepped down from the Google board of directors to the classic hymn of Amazing Grace.

    Published on 6th October 2009 by

    I like pretty things. That's why I use a Mac and why I love Expose. So when I saw this concept design of Expose on the iPhone I thought "yes...yes it could work...and it could be magnificent" Have I been blinded by the pretty or is it actually a functional idea?

    It's not often that I get to quote the mainstream newspapers here but i'll make an exception for the New York Times. Know all those amazing apps you're using on your iPhone? Well apparently some of it is subliminal marketing by different companies.It's really quite cheap for a major company to release an app that's functional but also sports their brand name. That way the brand sticks in your head. Neat huh!

    My faith in all mankind has been shattered. The divinity of our lord is in question. Gruber, the greatest mind since Newton, was...wrong. Turns out that Gruber, Daring Fireball head-honcho, said that Blu-Ray was coming to the Mac and then now apparently it got canned. Guess it's still a big bag of hurt. Is Apple refusing to put Blu-Ray on its machines because it wants the world to embrace HD-DVD?....wait!!!!

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