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    Published on 27th May 2010 by

    Overpriced and outdated - I have no love for this internet radio / iPod dock combo. Priced at $599.95 through Audion Australia, I can't for the life of me comprehend the motivation that would prompt one to invest in it.

    Years ago I had contemplated buying a digital radio for myself, and while it's been fun to finally get my hands on one the joy has been short lived. The same issues that plagued the technology of the day then, have yet to be addressed in this product today. Firstly, a small screen and manual controls. After being spoilt in the two years following the iPhone 3G launch I've come to love and admire touch screen interfaces. The advantages of soft keyboards are numerous, as I'm sure you're already well aware, my fellow Apple loyalists. So here's what confuses me, why not simply buy a basic audio dock with the audio clarity in your price range, connect an iDevice, and download an internet radio app? (Great internet radio apps include Snowtape radio, Internet radio box; even music discovery apps like Ghostly discovery) Not only will the interface be immeasurably easier to navigate than a small lcd screen could ever hope to be, but updates will be continuous and the full range of curated features of your personal iDevice will still be present, Twitter, weather, et al. ...
    Published on 6th May 2010 by

    All these images were snatched from this long-running thread up on the forums - snap a photo of your setup and share it with us!


    Bose Companion 3 Series II multimedia speaker system ...
    Published on 28th April 2010 by

    A loyal Apple user you may be, but I'm sure you've cast at least one curious glance at the Google camp. Those live wallpapers, lockscreen widgets and that curious take on icon layout leave you wondering if they could work on the iPhone. Well, they can, kind of.

    sense600 ...
    Published on 6th January 2010 by

    Welcome to the Parrot AR.Drone, an out of the box remote control helicopter (or rather, quadricopter) controlled by your iPhone. The unit operates on the same wifi network as the operator, but if the user had a portable wifi unit like a Verizon Mifi they could theoretically go for a walk with it.

    This futuristic app / hardware combo includes "fun augmented reality games"; I wonder what happen if someone were to hack together their own version of the app to incorporate on board..

    The homebuilt iPhone rocket launcher!

    Published on 27th December 2009 by

    What's cooler than finding your app on an Apple ad? Finding it being played by a talking dog on a Japanese ad. User MooCowMusic says,

    "As creator of the app in the ad (Pianist), and being completely unaware that the? ad even existed, I am extremely pleased you posted this video and made my day. Thanks!"

    Published on 12th December 2009 by

    Oh that Woz, he has marketing panache.

    It's a ten! ...
    Published on 17th November 2009 by

    Last week MacTalk was invited to the Sydney app launch of a company beloved my many. Having provided many enjoyable extra kilos for nerds across the country their latest foray will surely serve to enhance the experience. As Anthony was occupied with the MacTalk 100th episode down in Melbourne I was keen to take up the offer and tackle the tasty tough questions to deliver the truth (otherwise I'm sure he'd have flown up purely for the free pizza).

    Yep, that's a Dominos caterer - bet you never thought you'd see that before your first bogan wedding huh.

    So what was the event like? Several awkward marketing and PR people huddled into a small room with club lighting and several curtained walls as we discussed the mysterious wording of the events invite. Promising to "take you on a journey of places where you wouldn't think ordering a pizza was possible" proved to be very curious indeed.

    Our host for the night was "that dude who used to hose Big Brother up late", I can't remember his name and don't really care to. Behind each curtain was a group ...
    Published on 17th November 2009 by

    Has your iPods hard drive carked it? Pissed off with Apple? Try tossing it 154 yards (140 metres). This dude can.

    What's up with that shirt?

    Think that's cool? Bet you can't catch a laptop with your butt.

    Viral videos really are getting out of hand, still can't work out if this is fake or real - thoughts?

    And lastly, an iPhone ...
    Published on 7th November 2009 by


    MobileExpose is soon to be released on Cydia (the underworld app store for shady jailbreaking types) and although currently unavailable it will apparently be available for download soon.

    Dashboard widgets.

    Unfortunately just a concept, but completely plausible. The UI elements suggested here look utterly sound to me, I want it.

    šI personally think Apple should sell (desktop) dashboard widgets on iTunes. It would increase the quality of the software and drive interest in development.

    ˛The voiceover dude sound exactly like SVEN, the Swedish design team from How I Met Your Mother (S04E08).

    I'll leave you with one last tasty morsel of probably-never-gonna-happen-dreaming. It's not a video but I think you'll approve.

    A home screen that dosen't suck.

    Created by the design geniuses Teehan+Lax, ...
    Published on 1st October 2009 by

    Something I only realised lately was that the entire film Pirates of Silicon Valley is now on YouTube, in 10 parts.
    This film documents the rise of the personal computer through the rivalry between Apple Computer (Steve Jobs) and Microsoft (Bill Gates). I won't embed the entire film here but I'll show the trailer first..

    As I said, the film is available in 10 parts on YouTube..

    to really enjoy this film I strongly suggest you type the following URL into a new web browser window (to allow a full screen resizable window) then each time a "part" ends, simply use the inbuilt YouTube navigation popup to navigate to the next part. Great if you have a dual screen setup and don't want to lose both screens due to entering full screens (if you get my drift).


    When you get to last part (10) there will be no audio, due to a copyright violation to the credits song. The final piece was listed here. Fullscreen url again for dual screeners here.

    What does Woz say about the film?

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