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    Published on 1st January 2013 by
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    Welcome to 2013. Trying to decide what to write on New Year's is always tough, but writing on New Year's is even tougher. I could write about New Years Resolutions (or failed ones), but today I decided to go back to an event in January 2008, which saw the arrival of a manila envelope.

    Five years ago the Macbook Air was released and came as a massive surprise. Some people saw it as a mistake - an overpriced netbook that was doomed in fail. It was a great concept but it was underpowered, expensive and offered very little other than ...
    Published on 26th December 2012 by
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    I've been looking at the Thule Attache case for a while. The reason for this is to fully understand how good this case is, you need to see it in the flesh and I made that mistake. When looking to upgrade my aging MacBook Pro (2 years is aging for me), I wasn't sure whether the outcome would be a MacBook Air or Retina MacBook Pro, which had held back my decision on acquiring one of these. The surprising part with this case is the pricing, which at $109, is not exactly what I'd class as expensive compared to the competition. My Moshi Codex cost that ...
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    If there is one quote I often see taken out of context often it's Steve Job's quoting Picasso. In the video shown below, the line used is " "Good artists copy, great artists steal. We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas""

    There seems to be a standard movement of those who feel this is a justification for Samsung, Google or any other company to copy Apple because even Steve Jobs said it was okay. Even one of the Ted Talk's presenters felt ...
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    Hi, my name is Athol and I have an email problem. It's taken me a while to admit it but being on the receiving end of upwards of a 100-200 emails a day, has caused me endless problems. The problem with that volume of mail is missing a couple of days means your inbox quickly climbs into the realms of 1000+ emails and sent items almost always sits above that.

    I've tried creating rules but the variety of mails I receive doesn't really allow for that because you need to first decide what ...
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    Whats better than an iPad Mini for Christmas? An iPad Mini with LTE! In follow up to Fulltimecasual's iPad Mini review, I thought I'd follow up with an iPad Mini LTE Review for those who had been drooling to get their hands on the new model. On Friday I collected an iPad Mini LTE from Myers CBD proving that you don't have to wait in queues or pre-order to get your hands on the latest goods first.

    So, if you have already read Fulltimecasual's review already and want to short version of how this is different, it's what he said plus LTE. I.e. The already reviewed iPad Mini with 100Mbps cellular in theory. Realistically ...
    Published on 28th November 2012 by
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    I'm a fan of all things beautiful and practical so my choices tend to stem down this line.

    First off, what Christmas guide would be complete without the latest Mac gear and therefore the iPad Mini is always going to be on some lists. The more affordable cost of only $369 makes it a no brainer for anyone who doesn't already have an iPad.

    Next ...
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    Apple is a company we all love but there are times when we have good reason to hate them. For a company that is so good at marketing, it surprises me that they are so bad at PR when it comes to dealing with issues. There are many examples where pushing problems under the rug have come back to bite organisations and this is one that is likely to haunt Apple if they continue down this path.
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    The problem with being a guy is we have expensive hobbies and we like toys. Expensive hobbies and a need for new toys demand a lot of money and unfortunately most of us haven't found a career that pays millions of dollars to sit on the beach all day.

    10 years ago radio controlled helicopters cost in excess of a thousand dollars and when they cost a fortune, they also cost a fortune to fix when you crash them. Hint - if you've flown helicopters, you'll know they crash a lot. Today, technology has advanced enough you have about a hundred cheap remote controlled ...
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    Hidden Radio was my first Kickstarter purchase, I'd been window-shopping on Kickstarter for a while but I hadn't quite found anything I really liked until I saw this. The design was clever, the product looked good, so I invested.

    The problem with crowd sourcing is you're getting involved at a fairly early stage in the products development and that means you have a long time to wait from placing your order to receiving the product, particularly if its a complicated concept. Something like a cable can be manufactured and delivered in a short period of time, concepts like the hidden radio take 6 months. ...
    Published on 31st October 2012 by
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    The problem with touch screen phones is they have a tendency to die on you when you least expect (or want them to). If you got the iPhone 5, this could even be a bigger issue for you until Apple provides a suitable fix.

    With a project underway in Tasmania, I've had to contend with a large number of day trips, most of which start with 4am wakeup, a flight at 6:10am and end with a trip home landing at 7:30pm and getting home by 8 or 8:30pm. That's a long day for a touch screen mobile phone, a lot of which I spend on the phone. Most of the time I'm moving from meeting ...
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