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    Published on 31st March 2013 by
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    Yes, this was our April Fool's joke if you haven't worked it out already. Happy April Fool's from the team at MacTalk!

    In a move likely to be based largely on expanding on their mobile phone patent war chest, Apple announced today that they had acquired BlackBerry for $11.2 Billion, a $3 Billion premium on the estimated market value of $8 Billion. The move will give Apple access ...
    Published on 26th March 2013 by
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    Two and half years ago today I did my review of the BookBook for iPad 1. Today we're back with the latest TwelveSouth accessory, the BookBook for iPhone 5.

    I'm normally not a cover person, I prefer ultrathin or no covers, but some time in Hong Kong for the Sevens convinced me I needed another cover for the trip at least. Whenever you're travelling to a foreign city, the last thing you want to do is carry around all your cards or possibly your entire wallet. It's not that Hong Kong is ...
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    Today’s article/review is a late one. I blame it on a lack of sleep and a lot of work. Having recently had a baby, I can vouch for the sleep deprivation torture methods and their effectiveness. Right now, I’d give my MacBook Air away for a decent night’s sleep and I love my MacBook Air.

    Aside from the whining about my personal life, let’s get onto today’s review which is covering a relatively simple app by the name of Bartender. I’m one ...
    Published on 12th March 2013 by
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    Over the past month I've had the pleasure of working with an Aperture alternative (Lightroom 4) and whilst the Lightroom product has proved to be a massive improvement on Aperture dated and watered down approach, I can't help but miss Aperture.

    I recently did the review of Lightroom which focused on the a number of Aperture's shortfalls when it came to photo libraries and the reality is, when it ...
    Published on 26th February 2013 by
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    This may seem like an odd spot for a battery charger review but with any people pushing over into the realms of photography or using rechargeable batteries for a myriad of devices, it seemed appropriate. In my case, my requirement for this charger stemmed largely from the digital photography side. I have a D700 along with a battery grip and some external flashes. The battery grip takes 8 AA's and the flashes each take 4 AA's. That alone see's me having 16 AA's in my camera gear at any given time. Add 2 AA's for my mouse, 3 AA's for my keyboard, another 5 AA's for my wife's setup and 16 AA's spare and ...
    Published on 20th February 2013 by
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    When the MacBook Air was released, the choice of Laptop was pretty simple. The MacBook Air had limited hard drive space and the ram maxed out at 4GB so if you were a serious OSX user, it wasn't an option. With the lines between the two slowly blurring, it's harder for users to decide between the two and the reality is that the 2012 MacBook Air is more powerful than a top of the range 2010 MacBook Pro. Add the use of a SATA 3 solid-state drives and the result is beyond the realms of 95% of user minimum requirements.

    If you're having a hard time deciding between the two, hopefully ...
    Published on 12th February 2013 by
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    I'm in a rather unusual position writing today's article. It's Tuesday afternoon (5/2) and I'm sitting in a hospital room waiting on Doctor's. This article was written because that's exactly what I'm doing right now…killing time. Whilst not everyone can write articles to chew the hours away (or wants to for that matter), it's just one of a number of ways you can kill time while on a plane, in a waiting room or anywhere else you may find yourself waiting.

    A doctor's room may seem like a strange place for an extended wait (we tend to hope they attend to you in less than an hour or two) but in my case, my wife is 41 weeks pregnant and being induced. ...
    Published on 29th January 2013 by
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    A little while back, someone put up a post about saying goodbye to Aperture in favour of Lightroom. The main crux of his argument related to a lack of stability with Aperture, something I have been lucky enough not to experience but there have been enough articles favouring Lightroom in recent months that I decided to take a look. I've been waiting on an update for Aperture for a while now and it seemed like a good time as any. The problem with Apple and Aperture is they don't offer a clear roadmap with a lot of their products so although Apple could come out with Aperture 4 tomorrow, it's difficult to understand whether this will actually happen tomorrow, next month or next year. While I can understand the need for confidentiality in the secret world of Apple, when it comes to software updates it can be frustrating for most users as the majority of software vendors offer some form of roadmap so users know what to expect. ...
    Published on 15th January 2013 by
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    I've written a couple of articles defending Apple in some of the court cases against Samsung and various other parties. This article is a little different in that it looks at Apple's appeal in the market and how Apple may be losing their innovation edge.

    The problem with the current mobile phone market is the expectations are high and people quickly forget. The day's of the original iPhone are gone and with that comes elevated expectations. The second problem is the phone market is fickle. While ...
    Published on 9th January 2013 by
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    When I got the Moshi iVisor I was disappointed. When I say disappointed, I mean extremely disappointed, just not in the way you think.

    My disappointment stems from the years of frustration trying to get bubbles out from screen protectors on a variety of iPads and iPhones, most of which had to be done twice because my wife has this idea that anything tech related automatically falls into the "husband" category. This frustration meant having to try to put the cover on in a completely lint free environment because no sooner had you cleaned the screen, ...
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