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    Published on 18th April 2010 by

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    There are a hundred reasons why the iPad will or won't work. You can chalk this up to just another opinion piece as to why it will, but with various competitors like HP getting into the fray, I thought it was time to cover this from a slightly different perspective. Without looking at the Apple "fanbois" who will buy the device without thinking, lets take a little look at history to understand Apple's approach to the iPad. ...
    Published on 19th August 2009 by

    IMG_0262It's finally here after months of speculation, waiting, gnashing of teeth, general annoyance from the iPhone public, who are not known for their patience when it comes to anything Apple or iPhone related. To put this into perspective, we’re talking about an iPhone public that would happily risk their phones installing a test version of the iPhone firmware, only a week from the final release date. In their defence however, rumours have been circulating about TomTom for iPhone since the beginning, before heaven and earth existed, when the iPhone bible was first created and TomTom said Apple wouldn’t allow Satellite Navigation on their phones (a Google search picks hits on TomTom for iPhone dating to 2006) ...
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