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    Published on 11th February 2015 by
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    After my previous review on the Barbie Cam, I had some less than positive feedback from people that felt they wanted conventional camera reviews and that the Barbie cam wasnít suitable for their requirements. Obviously some of the introverted photographers here felt that they would be awkwardly popular carrying a camera that stands out like the Barbie Cam, unusual for iPhone owners who try to get their phones on the first day, but obviously we have a more conservative photographic audience than expected.

    In line with keeping the readers happy, today, weíre looking at a more conventional camera, the Nikon D750, supposedly the latest and greatest in camera and sensor technology, the holy grail of full frame DSLR technology. DPReview, a reputable camera site, went as far as to ďalmostĒ call the sensor magic due to the massive dynamic range but they quickly backtracked on their statement saying it was simply very good technology. Iím more in favour of calling it magic when itís something ...
    Published on 3rd January 2015 by
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    As a amateur photographer and tech fanatic, I enjoy playing with new toys, particularly those in the technology space. As a Mactalk writer we get access to all sorts of amazing bleeding edge gadgets and today is one of those days.

    It's easy to get wrapped up in the Nikon vs Canon space, and forget to look around, but sometimes you need to realize there is a life outside of Nikon and Canon.

    My 4 year old daughter has taken an interest in photography, largely to prevent herself being on the receiving end and I'll be honest and say that having a pro body ...
    Published on 25th November 2014 by
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    This is the third and final instalment in my Surface Pro 3 review. If you missed the first and second, Iíve linked them. The first part is a spoiler, Iíve dumped my iPad so if you were reading it to find out the result, Iíll save you reading the entire article. Thatís the thing with Mac users, weíre user friendly. If you want the long drawn out windows version of why, read on.

    Itís been two weeks since I switched to the dark side (albeit temporarily when I started) so Iíll give you an idea of where my head is at.

    On the hardware front, Iím sold. As I mentioned in the initial reviews, itís a phenomenal piece of work and Microsoft has done an incredible job with ...
    Published on 16th November 2014 by
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    This is the second part of in my installment/review of the Surface Pro 3. If you missed the first, you can find it here.

    Iíve worked with the Surface Pro 3 for nearly two weeks now and Iím starting to get accustomed to the changes. Part 2 of my review is largely focussed on the operating system and usability, as hardware is only one small part of the complete solution.

    On the OS side, Windows 8 on the Surface Pro 3 is a mixed bag. There are things to like and hate. A number of these are likely to be rectified with Windows 10 but the question is whether users can live with these problems in the interim.

    Iíve tried to cover the good and bad of working with the Surface Pro 3. The reality is Microsoft havenít found the right way to do everything. This is different to Appleís approach where they would rather not provide a device or functionality that is unusable or sub-par. In some respects, Apple and Microsoft have a lot to learn from each other. Microsoft can learn from Apple on the usability front, but Apple also has the opportunity to learn from the way Microsoft is doing things, because with most aspects of Windows 8, theyíve chosen not to copy iOS and that is a good thing. Itís not just making another iOS copy like Android and that kind of approach forces thinking outside the box with some good ideas coming out.
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    Forgive me father for I have sinned. Iím a Mac fan and Iíve been using the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 for the last couple of days and I intend doing so for at least at 2 weeks as well. It was never my intention to worship false idols, but it was shiny, metal and almost looked like a Mac.

    Itís probably difficult for some Mac fans to understand why I would endure this type of ďtortureĒ but sometimes itís good to look around. This is also as a result of my disillusionment with the current iPad release which I donít believe meets my criteria. Iíve always wanted stylus use on the iPad and Appleís failure to deliver is disappointing and has resulted in secoacnd rate experiences with third party styluses. Whilst what I really wanted is an iPad with decent stylus integration, the tablet alternatives are also disappointing. My tests with the Samsungís Galaxy Note showed a delay on writing and Iíve never been a big fan of Samsungís copytition business approach. Aside from Samsung, there arenít many pure tablets that offer ...
    Published on 22nd September 2014 by
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    If you were one of the ones that managed to get in on the pre-order list and had your phone delivered already, I donít think this review will worry you too much. Youíll already have had your phone for a couple of days and you will probably have made up your mind. For those of you that havenít received yours, I hope this review doesnít make the decision more difficult.

    When launch day arrived I had a 128GB 6 Plus on pre-order. I was headed up to get some bread and milk just before 8 when I noticed the store near our house was open and there were only 5 people in the queue. I decided to go in and have a look at the phones and that's where my problems started. Like most of the previous iPhone users, Iíd wanted the 6 plus because it was bigger and better, but I hadn't really thought about how big was and how much it may impact the way I work. It's big and one handed typing ...
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    I have a love hate relationship with Apple at the moment. One of the things I both love and hate is the Magic Mouse.

    When it was first released, I was very impressed. The momentum scrolling was great and there wasnít much to dislike except the batteries. It chews through batteries like a high powered camera flash, and they die when you least expect it. Carrying batteries around is an annoyance that really should be confined to the Stone Age. The challenge with user replaceable batteries on items that go through a lot of batteries is that you need to carry them with you which adds bulk to your laptop bag, if you remember ...
    Published on 15th May 2013 by
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    Adobe's recent announcement of moving to the creative cloud has a number of users up in arms. Today we look at the implications of doing this and whether Adobe has made a big mistake. If you missed the decision, basically what Adobe is doing is no longer allowed users to buy software outright. If you want to buy Adobe software (with the exception of some consumer level products), you have to pay a monthly subscription.

    I'm a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to Adobe. They make some really good products, and they make some horrible decisions to ...
    Published on 1st May 2013 by

    International vs Local Ė When to push the buy button

    Just over a year back, I purchased a substantial amount of camera gear. Since then, like any hobby, Iíve acquired a frustrating large amount of accessories so I decided to document my trials and tribulations of working with local and overseas retailers along with online local and foreign online sellers.

    Quality of Service

    Given the competitive nature of the market, youíd expect the local retailers to be going out of their way on the service levels to try attract buyers. In complete contrast, ...
    Published on 9th April 2013 by
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    Love it or hate it, Facebook is popular and the vast majority of people here probably have a Facebook account.

    As an ex-pat who has lived in Aus for the last 8 years, Facebook has becomes a communication means for keeping family and friends updated back in my country of birth. I can post photos of kids and special occasions for friends and family to view at will without having to worry about inadvertently missing someone off an email.

    FIPLAB have ...
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