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    It's only a matter of time before the iPads we waited for are made completely obsolete, replaced by the even-more-magical ‘iPad 2’. What, may you ask, will this new device offer? The biggest news to come out of the rumour mill this weekend claims there will be five tentpole features in the second-generation tablet: “video phone, better mobility, USB port, new display technology and 3-axis gyroscopes.” Arnold Kim notes most of these features are expected, except the USB port, which comes as a surprise to all (Next iPad to Add Five New Features including USB Port? – Mac Rumors).

    TechCrunch reporter MG Seigler has a far more reliable and exclusive scoop on the next generation iPad too, compressed into tweet form. Definitely worth checking out (MG Seigler – Twitter).

    For a slightly more serious opinion on what ‘iPad 2’ will bring, Ryan Block has a piece on the feasibility of a retina display on the 9.7" device. He suggests “it's crystal clear where Apple WANTS to go with their displays. If Apple could create a proper Retina display for the iPad at an affordable price, I have no doubt they'd do it in a heartbeat. But for 2011 I'm just not so sure we're going to get an iPad with a display and hardware capable of that resolution.” (If the iPad 2nd-gen gets a Retina display, what will the resolution be? – GDGT).

    In all this talk about an iPad that doesn't even officially exist yet, what about some love for the recently updated original iPad, now sporting iOS 4.2? Brooke Crothers, of the Asian Wall Street Journal Weekly, discusses what kind of device that major update turns the iPad into, saying he now uses it more than his only other computer, the MacBook Air. He says the popular tablet eclipses the notebook computer in a number of ways: browsing, productivity, content consumption and multifunction. Worth a read if you're considering using an iPad for mobile work instead of the more traditional laptop (iPad proving more useful than MacBook Air – CNET News).

    If you've ever used one of Condé Nast's apps developed with Adobe you'll know that magazines and the iPad are a perfect fit. At their core, however, they're still static files that only update with a new issue every month. What would a modern magazine really be, if it was cut down to nothing and entirely rebuilt? Here's a fascinating insight into a newspaper/magazine of today, a concept designed specifically for the iPad (“What would a newspaper look like if it were invented today?” – Smoking Apples).

    If you've ever jailbroken an iOS device, you probably already know what the difference between tethered and untethered jailbreaking. For the masses that don't, here's a great explanation that details: “An untethered jailbreak is the preferred jailbreak because it requires no connection to your computer except for the initial jailbreaking process. You can reboot your iPhone or iPod touch as much as you want without having to tether it to your computer to boot. If the battery dies on a device that has an untethered jailbreak, it’s no big deal you just charge it again and it will boot as usual.” (Tethered Jailbreak vs Untethered Jailbreak - OS X Daily).

    Australian game developer Firemint is one of our favourites here at MacTalk, not just because the company joins us on the site every now and then, but also because it's at the forefront of great game development. A few weeks ago Firemint was one of the first high-profile developers to announce support for the Mac App Store. Here's an update on their work from co-founder Rob Murray, who outlines their plans for Real Racing 2 and multiplayer updates on both the iPhone and iPad for the original racer, and future games too: “A lot of people ask about new games, and our answer is always yes, we are working on new games and we have been for a long time, but no, we will not tell you what they are! What you probably aren’t so aware of is just how many prototypes we have built and discarded or put to the side because they just didn’t feel right yet.” (An update from Rob, Firemint’s founder - Firemint Blog)

    Our American friends celebrated Thanksgiving this week, which is an occasion for all to come together and be thankful for what they have. Except, perhaps, the most loyal of iPhone and Android fanboys (This Is How An Apple Fanboy And An Android Fanboy Give Thanks To Each Other - MacStories).

    One of the small enhancements for iPhone users in iOS 4.2 is the addition of several new text message ringtones, bringing seventeen new tones for incoming messages. Unfortunately, there aren't too many people that seem to enjoy them. Especially Dr Macenstein, who thought about the new tones when a reader “asked “Why do the new iOS 4.2 Text Tones all sound like they were ripped out of Fantasia?” I’ll tell you why. Because Steve Jobs owns the Fantasia library now, and he got a good deal. But while the first batch were bad, this second batch is bad AND ponderously long. In the first round of 6 tones, not one was more than a second long. With these new 17, I doubt there is one UNDER 3 seconds, and some seem to run as long as 45 minutes.” (Note: coarse language |*A profanity-laden tirade against the new iOS 4.2 text alert sounds - Macenstein).

    Finally, someone else who's none too pleased with a particular aspect of Apple's operations. A blogger, who runs a site by the name of ‘CrApple Store’, has been working in a British Apple Store for some time and writing about his experience (spoiler alert: he hates it). Gary Allen writes: “With a healthy dose of cynicism, some profanity and a self-described hate for Apple retail, an anonymous blogger is firing darts at Apple’s retail store operation, even as he/she works somewhere in a UK Apple store. The CrApple Store debuted last August and…complains there are no employee discounts on iPads, says the Store Leader program is a joke” and more (Blogger Shares The Hate For Apple Retail - ifoAppleStore).

    This week's Apple executive is Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing Phil Schiller, pictured here for his Twitter profile, which was made public late last week. Photo from Twitter.
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    Samsung SE-208 with dual USB connectors and requires no mains power when both connected works great on my 21.5" iMac. Purchased a four port cheap

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    Install 10.6 on a 27" iMac

    Just torrent the machine specific disks or call Apple and buy them from them. I'd torrenf it personally as I don't see any problem with it as it isn't

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    Install 10.6 on a 27" iMac

    Awesome, thanks for the information - I figured it was something like the wrong disk - good to know that Mavericks can go on it, but they have some software

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    can one to suit apple mac 21.5 inch be recommended as i have some not so good reports abt apple super drive i need one to burn movies and software etc

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    Install 10.6 on a 27" iMac

    You need to get a copy of Mavericks and throw it on that sucker, from what I understand 10.6.x qualifies for the free update so it should all be legit.

    The_Hawk Yesterday, 07:08 PM Go to last post

    Install 10.6 on a 27" iMac

    This machine was pre installed with 10.6.1 if it was a late 2009 model there is a machine specific disk as certain disks do not work with it , you can

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    Install 10.6 on a 27" iMac


    I've got a 27" iMac (2009 I think) and I've been given the 10.6 disk to reinstall OS X on this computer. (HDD replaced)

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    How much is an original 128K mac in packaging worth?

    Keyboard, mouse, working with boot disk- $200

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    How much is an original 128K mac in packaging worth?

    Just on a similar topic to the original post... how much is a 512k (not e) worth in working condition? I have a few that are cosmetically pretty good,

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    iBooks Author v1.0 Required

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