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    Despite the fact that Apple is rapidly increasing their market share in notebooks they've also maintained a pretty awesome desktop line as well. Called the iMac these computers are all in one and teh sex on any desk in the world (except Hitler's). Well there have been a few rumours that they may be updated soon and it appears that they've now getting kind of difficult to order. A sure sign that something, somewhere, is happening.

    Oh Apple you can never make up your mind. First you hire him and then you fire him and then you hire him again. No i'm not talking about Steve Jobs rather i'm talking about Michael Tchao who once headed the development team for the Newton. I know what you're thinking "But Raffe...the Newton bombed completely...why would Apple want to hire him back" to which I simply laugh at such a stupid question and say "I have no idea...you'll have to talk to Apple marketing....here's their email"

    Here we are with yet another post about the Tablet. I just wish they would release this thing so I can stop talking about all these rumours. I feel like a gossipy old lady...wow I really did turn out like my mother. Anyway....apparently the Tablet will run an iPhone OS and looks just like an iPhone 3G. What would be hilarious is if this whole Tablet thing was just a big ruse...Steve gets up on stage at a mysterious event on April 1...everyone thinks he's going to unveil the Tablet but he just starts laughing at all the people who fell for it....man...Steve Jobs is a dick!!!

    So yesterday we mentioned that Tweetie was being upgraded to 2.0. The creator of Tweetie outlined everything in a blog post. It's quite extensive and he talks about the development of Tweetie 2.0 and why he thinks you should pay for it.

    Speaking of paying for Tweetie...some people don't want to. Apparently $3 is too expensive to splash out on such an awesome app. It's sparked a bit of a controversy in the tech world. But what does the MacTalk community think...should we pay for the Tweetie 2.0?

    Apple TV. Love it or hate it (possibly you're having an affair with it...you've run off to Rio and now you're lying on the beach rubbing sun-tan lotion into each others backs) but it's still an Apple product. Because it's an Apple product people therefore believe that they think it can be improved. Here's one idea on how the Apple TV can become a greater part of your digital life.

    Along with that improvement is the new Apple TV remote. For this without an iPod Touch or iPhone here's a sexy design concept of how Apple may update the little white plastic remote.

    We all know that Apple can do no wrong. Any attempt to challenge that and you'll be burnt at the stake (WITCH!!!). However...some people think that Apple may have made some not so clever moves when it came to the iPod. Here's 7 of the biggest iPod blunders.

    Finally does anyone here remember the Palm Pre? It tried to sync using iTunes much like an iPhone. Well Apple stopped this and then Palm worked around it and it was like a hilarious game of chicken. Well Palm blinked. So maybe they've finally given up on the whole iTunes sync...hopefully they'll be the last company to try to go hand-to-hand with Steve freaking Jobs!!!
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    mission man, your pics make me second think my push for space grey

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    keep fighting the good fight to get a new 4.0" iPhone released next year.

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    iPhone6 Synching Issues

    I assume that given that I have not put iOS 8 on my iPhone 5, that should not be a reason why a backup would not restore to iOS 8 on my iPhone 6? Correct?

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    mSATA you mean HDD then yes it does.

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    I played with them today... 6 is too big for me, its just too difficult to use one handed and thus impracticable for me.. I can't get my thumb in a place

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    iPhone 6 VS iPhone 6 Plus

    I went into the Apple store today for a look at both as well. I have been tossing up both, but before today was leaning towards the 6 Plus.

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    New stylus - Let's hope this one is better than the rest

    FYI I had a Surface pro 3 i7 256GB for a week but it had an issue with screen coating so sent it back to Microsoft for a refund. I'll probably try again

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