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    <a href="http://www.mactalk.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/1980s1.jpg"><img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-10156" src="http://www.mactalk.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/1980s1-201x300.jpg" alt="" width="201" height="300" /></a>Your required reading this morning comes courtesy of Macworld, who present us with <a href="http://www.macworld.com/article/154036/2010/09/osxorigins.html" target="_blank">a very good history of OSX</a>. If you didn't already know, OSX officially turned ten years old a week or so ago!

    Not much is known about the iPhone 5, thanks to Apple's secretive methods of operation. What is perhaps speculated about, however,*<a href="http://osxdaily.com/2010/09/21/iphone-5-to-use-4g/" target="_blank">is the fact that the iPhone 5 will use 4G technology</a>, and perhaps even feature an all new metal housing with integrated antenna.

    You've seen the services menu in OSX it's the one that allows you to mail any selected text, look it up in the*dictionary, and so much more.*<a href="http://releasecandidateone.com/221:a_services_menu_for_iphone" target="_blank">What if the services menu were to come to iOS</a>? (Note: if the video on the page doesn't work,*<a href="http://releasecandidateone.com/assets/Services-menu-for-iPhone.m4v" target="_blank">try the direct link</a> (1.6MB M4V)).

    So Windows 7 has this cool feature where if you mouseover (chuckle) an applications icon in the taskbar, it will pop up a small preview of the application window(s). <a href="http://kapeli.com/dockview/" target="_blank">DockView does exactly that on OSX</a>.

    Reeder for Mac is just around the corner, <a href="http://www.macstories.net/mac/exclusive-preview-reeder-for-mac/" target="_blank">judging by these screenshots</a>. I'm glad Silvio went with a native app rather than just a re-skin, because it looks brilliant if a little reminiscent of Reeder for iPad, with it's triple-column layout.

    News about Tweetie 2 for Mac has been lacking or just plain*misconstrued*ever since Twitter bought out Loren, but confirmation comes today that <a href="http://www.macstories.net/mac/tweetie-2-for-mac-is-alive-and-it-will-be-free/#more-10415" target="_blank">Tweetie 2 for Mac is alive and kicking</a>! Soon, people, soon.

    Perhaps you've seen the*phenomenal*power of Chrome to Phone on your Android-buddy's handset. Perhaps you've been just a little bit jealous. Be jealous no more, as*<a href="http://www.macstories.net/iphone/myphonedesktop-1-5-still-my-favorite-browser-to-iphone-app/" target="_blank">myPhoneDesktop will solve nearly all of your browser-to-phone needs</a>.

    Another day, another issue with those darn white iPhone 4s. This time around it's <a href="http://www.razorianfly.com/2010/09/21/white-iphone-4-delayed-due-to-proximity-sensor-malfunction-rumor/" target="_blank">an issue with the proximity sensor not working at all</a>, and judging by your complaints about the proximity sensor on the current black iPhone, that would be bad.

    Did you ever have an Etch A Sketch? Do you have an iPad? Well, <a href="http://www.cultofmac.com/is-the-official-etch-a-sketch-case-for-ipad-the-coolest-case-there-is/59983" target="_blank">how about an Etch A Sketch iPad case</a>?

    Apple's Apple Store app is available to download from the Apple US App Store, and it was recently updated to support retina graphics. Coincidentally, <a href="http://www.ifoapplestore.com/db/2010/09/19/apple-updates-retail-store-app/" target="_blank">it also revealed the locations of new Apple stores</a>.
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    Family Sharing and iCloud storage/Drive are broken!

    I really do want to help you, because it does work.

    Firstly I agree that you cannot purchase iCloud storage for another family member under

    changa Today, 09:44 PM Go to last post

    Family Sharing and iCloud storage/Drive are broken!

    BTW, my iTunes account is Australian, established many years ago.

    TimboC Today, 08:50 PM Go to last post

    Family Sharing and iCloud storage/Drive are broken!

    As I mentioned, Apple acknowledges the problem. Apparently (and I may have this wrong) it is because it treats iCloud and iTunes accounts quite separately.

    TimboC Today, 08:48 PM Go to last post


    I managed to get JB Hifi to agree to the same deal so I am working on it now. Planning to use it for a full two weeks and put together some articles on

    MissionMan Today, 08:48 PM Go to last post

    Family Sharing and iCloud storage/Drive are broken!

    Here is an Apple support article explaining how to setup iTunes accounts without a credit card. Create an iTunes Store, App Store, or iBooks Store account

    changa Today, 08:15 PM Go to last post

    Family Sharing and iCloud storage/Drive are broken!

    I don't know what to tell you, but my daughter does not have a credit card attached to her account and it worked for me. You can establish iTunes accounts

    changa Today, 08:13 PM Go to last post

    Family Sharing and iCloud storage/Drive are broken!

    I also found a support article which explains how Family Sharing purchases work. Family purchases and payments

    the key part says

    changa Today, 08:11 PM Go to last post

    Family Sharing and iCloud storage/Drive are broken!

    Yep, those are the steps I followed. With one important difference. For this to work, my daughter's iCloud account must be verified, with a credit card

    TimboC Today, 08:11 PM Go to last post

    Family Sharing and iCloud storage/Drive are broken!

    Well that is how I did it for my wife and daughter (and it works) and it is how you apply gift cards to an iTunes/iCloud account.

    Here are

    changa Today, 07:55 PM Go to last post

    Turning a Mac Mini into a Game Console?

    It sounds like you want to influence the sort of games your son plays (and play with him). The problem with buying an XBone or PS4 is you'll probably

    simonm Today, 07:27 PM Go to last post