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    What exactly does "Assembled in the USA" actually mean? That's the question some Apple blogosphere are asking after some of the new iMacs showed up with that tiny text on the underside. AppleInsider seem to think some kind of substantial transformation of parts happens in the US for Apple to make that claim, furthering the reason behind the delays we've been seeing.

    IPad-only publication The Daily introduced a web component not that long ago, but even that wasn't enough to stop the publication's eventual shutdown. They laid off a whole bunch of staff earlier this year, and today they announced the last issue will be on December 15th but you can remove it from your Newsstand now, if you wish.

    Apple has announced the iPhone 5 will be available in not one, not two, but 50 additional countries this December. China is on the list as per yesterday's news, but now a whole lot of other countries are too. MacStories says this will bring Apple's average countries-added-per-day count to just a little over 1 since the iPhone 5 launched, which, you know, isn't half bad.

    The third iOS 6.1 beta has been seeded to developers, and it's available via the iOS Dev Center. The changelog appears to have stayed the same as previous betas, only with a few bug fixes here and there.

    Man, what's with all the Apple stuff breaking lately? ITunes 11 was released with a bevy of bugs, and the associated Apple TV update for the same doesn't work over Ethernet (but does over Wi-Fi, go figure). Release dates are nice and all, but I'd much rather working software.

    What's the deal with notifications in Mountain Lion, and how do they work? Macworld has a nice Q&A about what notifications are all about, what they can notify you about, and how you can use them to be more productive, look better, and make your breath smell better in the morning. Okay, well, maybe not that last one.

    All these companies are going about making their TV-connected devices. Look at the Boxee box, the various Roku streaming gadgets, and of course, even the Apple TV. They're all trying to do similar sorts of things, but The Verge says making the next-generation TV is actually much simpler than that.

    We're all nerds here, right? An enthusiastically-titled post that lures you in with "Time Capsule for $25" is actually a post about making a Raspberry Pi to act like a Time Capsule with Netatalk 3.0, but I do have you give you this warning: there's quite a bit of nerdery ahead.

    Someone modded a Mac mini into one of those translucent iMac (CRT) cases, so there's that. But slot-loader G3? Real men use tray loaders!

    The Museum of Modern Art added a few games to their permanent collection recently, and none other than iOS title Canabalt is included in that list. Food for thought, I guess, especially when it sits alongside titles such as Pac-Man, Tetris, SimCity2000, and The Sims.
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