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    Texas Poker on Mac

    Thought I'd do a mega zombie thread revival on this old thread of mine... seems Holdem Poker keeps flitting into my life and catching my attention momentarily.

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    Random Photography Thread 2015

    Cute little bird. Don't love the advertising overlay. Back to the computer and an ad blocker (which is what you get, Niche, when its all overdone!!)

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    Photos for Mac.

    Yeah, took a look at the T&C and decided the service wasn't worth it at any price

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    Bastard Sheep

    Photos for Mac.

    True, but to get you as a product they still need to provide a service worth you using.

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    I know a place.

    There's a really good little Mac repair guy who operates from a shop front in Mt. Waverley. I've had a number of small iMac repair jobs done with him.

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    MacBook Air Hard drive Replacement

    From the installer screen select the utilities drop down menu, and select DiskUtility and re-partition to GUID and format as HFS+

    The installer

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    MacBook Air Hard drive Replacement

    Thanks for everyones response. I have created the OS X boot USB, MBA starts up all fine, but when I try to install the OS X from the USB it will only

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    IT Training - Acquire Learning/Computer Power Institute ?

    Decided committing to dreams is a pointless activity, and just remained in a soul destroying finance role instead. Working on getting into a non-soul

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    Original Apple cheap at the price

    The honest re-cycler Woman who left rare Apple 1 for recycling has $100,000 check waiting | Technology | The Guardian

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    Photos for Mac.

    I have about 5 photos on Facebook and they're all one that I got tagged in as I just don't like trusting my data to Facebook or google. Apple I have a

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