• Thursday Morning News

    Another version of OS X around the corner, another round of ZFS rumours. Nothing too new here folks, but as always there are certain signs one can correlate to an all-new file system.

    If Apple can steam video footage of the two most recent presentations all around the world, you can be pretty sure they can steam video to Australians via the ARIA Awards Concert Series app.

    Behold,*the story of iDOS. Joining the ranks of those apps such as Camera+ and that notorious flashlight application I don't quite remember the name of, iDOS was pulled from the App Store within hours of its approval, probably because it allowed you to install Windows 3.0. Never fear though, it's still available via Cydia under the name DOSPAD.

    Facelette. It's like chatroulette, but with more Apple products and stuff.

    Riding on the crest of the PlayStation Portable's success, Sony think they'll be able to break into the mobile gaming market with their Playstation Phone.

    With over 1.3 billion people in China, it's almost a no-brainer that Apple just launched their online store there just last night. If you run the numbers, this makes sense: only four retail outlets, but many, many more people that can access the internet. And free shipping, too!

    Is there a white iPhone at the end of the tunnel? Not until about Spring 2011 if Apple have anything to say about it. If it makes you feel any better though, you can now pre-order the mythical white iPhone on that Apple Store app that, you know, isn't actually available in the Australian App Store.

    Sometimes, power users of OS X want a little more. Sometimes, you just have to refer to ultra-lists of Mac software for advanced users.

    Having trouble identifying which model of MacBook Air you have? Luckily for you, there's an Apple support document for that.

    Speaking of Mac OS X Lion, there are some executives at MGM who aren't too happy about Apple's new choice of big cat. Apple lawyers pointed out there were some obvious differences between the MGM lion and the Apple lion, such as the Apple lion featuring a mane.
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    What's become of EyeTv Netstream

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    Plex Connect & ATV3

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