• Solo HD – Beats by Dr. Dre from MONSTER

    Looking at the beautiful, heavy packaging, you think these headphones are going to be heavy. But once on they are comfortable and light – you can even forget they’re there at all.

    The slim Beats Solo HDs ooze sophistication and sexiness. Their ultra-gloss exterior finish, which is also scratch resistant, capture the attention and you’ll be the envy of everyone without a pair. The headphones have soft leather ear cushions and are fully adjustable to fit multiple head sizes and any ear type. The fit does the job of keeping external sound out and stops others from hearing what you’re listening to – even at almost maximum volume.

    Monster is well known for their cables, so this should say it all. The Beats Solo HDs come with two red cables, to tie in with the red branded ‘b’ – one with a ControlTalk remote and microphone for iPod playback control and iPhone handsfree calling. They tri-fold for easy storage in the bundled protective case.

    Sporting titanium-coated drivers for highly accurate music reproduction, the headphones’ sound is clean and crisp with no distortion even at high volumes.

    It was only ironic to play Dr Beat by Gloria Estefan, with all its percussion, maracas and a driving beat. The music, sound and beat went right through my body, giving a pretty happy experience – even with that screeching sound mid-way through the song.

    After having these on for a while, you seem to forget they are even there; they are probably the most comfortable headphones going around.

    I have some Beats in-ear earphones, but after reviewing these I’ll be switching to the full headphones.

    They seem to have a cult following which remind me of Apple products. Beats by Dr Dre seem to be the ‘it’ thing at the moment – I even watched the entire Arsenal football team walking off the bus all wearing a pair.

    Won’t you help me Dr. Beat, Doc Doc Doc Doc Dr Beat!

    RRP: $299

    By Liana Pappas

    This article originally appeared in issue #2 of touch magazine.
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