• I'm Not Evil and I Don't Hate Full Text RSS Feeds

    Many people have bleated me "OMG THERE'S NO MORE FULL TEXT RSS FEEDS FOR MACTALK!!!!" - well that's true, kinda. We've moved to a new CMS, which right now, doesn't support this.

    I personally don't know why it's such a big deal - click the goddamn link to read the article. That said, you dudes seem to like it, and because I like you all, I'll put the effort in to getting full-text RSS feeds going as soon as possible. I've asked the vBulletin team (ticket ID is 1057406) to tell me either how to do it (because it ain't in the docs and it ain't obvious), or to implement it, as it's a pretty common-sense option to have. If they can't, I'll try get some sort of plugin made for it.

    So be patient. Clicking (or tapping) to read the full content won't kill you.
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    1. mmulhern's Avatar
      mmulhern -
      Picture of cute kittens is a fair exchange for not having RSS full text feeds.
    1. MrJesseRoss's Avatar
      MrJesseRoss -
      Pictures of cute kittens are internet currency.
    1. Chage's Avatar
      Chage -
      The reason I am fond of full text RSS is because I use the Early Edition app on my wifi only iPad to download all the feeds and read them while going to work on the bus. It's a little annoying without full text because it means you have to get somewhere with wifi to read the rest of the article.

      However it is by no means a show stopping, end of the world situation
    1. sparky13's Avatar
      sparky13 -
      Thanks for your efforts to do this. I don't have an issue clicking through though being able to read it right there and then is slightly quicker/easier. Thanks for your efforts again decryption
    1. chrome's Avatar
      chrome -
      I have tried to hack full text extracts into the RSS, but while it would kinda work for some posts, it broke others. vBulletin need to fix this I think.
    1. plasmo's Avatar
      plasmo -
      Thanks for the efforts
    1. bennyling's Avatar
      bennyling -
      For those who want a full-text RSS feed, I have created one for temporary use (at least until the old-feed comes good again).

      Note that this is totally unsanctioned by MacTalk, and is in no way supported by them. If you have issues with the feed, PM me or post in a thread somewhere and let me know about it,

      1. Go here: Pipes: MacTalk.com.au Full Text RSS
      2. Click on the button that says "Get as RSS"
      3. Add that full URL that appears in your web browser to your RSS reader of choice.
      4. Enjoy!

      Like I said, let me know if you have any issues.

      Known issues:
      It doesn't seem to update as fast as the MacTalk RSS, but I'm not sure there's anything I can do about that.
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