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    You've played it and loved it on the iPhone, now, Eliss for iPad has arrived to make all your dreams come true all over again. Or something to that extent, anyway - it's a brilliant game in any case.

    Speaking of iPad apps, the iPad App Store is now live internationally - meaning you won't have to plug your iPad into your Mac to sync apps anymore. Huzzah!

    Six Revisions think Apple's decision to block Flash as a development platform for App Store titles is a bad move - while they're of the opinion that blocking Flash in Safari is perfectly acceptable, they also think that open platforms will prevail. You know, Flash being so open and all...

    We're less than a month away from the next-generation iPhone being released (or at least announced) into our grubby little hands, and the rumours keep pouring out - this time, it's Digitimes who think that the next-gen iPhone will sport a 960x640 IPS display with FFS technology for wider viewing angles and improved clarity in sunlight, as well as 512MB of flash RAM and an ARM Cortex A8 processor.

    MacWorld have a couple of thoughts on what kind of impact Google's decision to remove the Nexus One from online sales will have, not only for Google, but also for the Android platform as a whole.

    It seems as though eBook readers are popping up all over the place - iPhone AppStorm take a look at the differences between the Kindle app for iPad and iPhone.

    Those pining for a decent desktop RSS reader that syncs with Google Reader needn't look any further - Gruml could be the app you've been looking for (as opposed to, say, the droids).

    Ars Technica are, as usual, a little late to the review party - and that's certainly the case with their Aperture 3 review. Don't let that deter you from reading it, however - their reviews are, as usual, brilliantly composed and incredibly comprehensive.

    Looks like those CUDA issues that I told you about earlier in the week aren't the only think hindering the new MacBook Pros - HardMac say that there's also a weird freezing bug going around that seems to be related to the SATA interface of the new machines.

    I tell you what, you'd almost have to be an engineer working at the highest levels of interface and hardware design at Apple to understand some of these patents that Apple have recently been granted. I mean, what does "a computing environment capable of providing a multi-media-center in accordance with one embodiment of the invention" describe to you? A Mac Mini hooked up to a plasma? A sole Macbook?

    Excellent news for you Drobo-owners out there - looks like Drobo FS has now gained native Time Machine support, which means you'll now be able to use your Drobo as a backup drive with Time Machine. Brains from the forums would also shoot me if I didn't tell you using Time Machine with this particular system isn't officially supported by Apple, but apart from that - cool, eh?

    A thousand words on the Apple vs Flash debate. Read into it what you will.
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