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    iAd from Apple aims to put super-personalised, awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping, mouth-watering, incredibly-delicious ads right in your pocket. Before I run out of superlatives though, it looks like*that federal antitrust probe also extends it's reach into iAd.

    Hey iPad owners - if you jailbreak your beloved, not-yet-released-to-Australian-customers device, there's a pretty decent chance*you'll be able to use your Magic Mouse with it. The only question is - why the hell would you want to?

    Big news is that*Android handsets are outselling the iPhone in the US. You'll note that the article mentions Android handsets in the plural, while iPhone is mentioned as a singularity - and when you consider the sheer number of Android handsets now available (eight or nine mainstream ones) compared with the number of iPhone handsets available (two), it's hardly surprising, no? Not to mention the variances of carriers, and so on...

    You can now run Leopard on your PSP, if you so desire - while the proof-of-concept is good, the actual implementation is*hindered*somewhat by the PSP's immensely*minuscule*screen.

    If you've got a NAS device sitting around at home, then luckily for you, Gizmodo tell you *how to use it. *Actually, they tell you how to make the most of it.

    Panic show you an Apple //e and an iPad. Pretty neat, huh?

    iPhone AppStorm give us... kids games! They're not*necessarily*games for kids, though - featuring cartoon-style graphics and simple, yet engaging gameplay, they'll probably suit your grandma, as well!

    This*MacBook business card *holder (or is that a business card holder shaped like a MacBook?) is one of the coolest things I've seen since that Leopard running on a PSP thing a few posts up.

    By now you've probably given Steam for Mac a thorough run-through. If you haven't, I'd highly recommend picking up the most-excellent Portal, currently free on both Mac and PC, firing up the Steam for Mac client, joining the MacTalk Steam group, and then finally, giving some of the other games available for Mac a go.

    For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past, what, three months or so, Apple have posted a "What is iPad" ad on their website. It's brilliantly crafted, and like any other Apple ad, shows off the best features of the device.

    As a response to Steve's Thoughts on Flash, Adobe have posted their thoughts on open markets. Soon, the whole world will be putting in their thoughts on "how your mum looked last night", "why all the good girls don't seem to exist - oh wait, there're in the kitchen", and "why this news piece is so full of*satirical*humour it's almost not funny anymore".

    There's something happening with MobileMe Mail - it's not free (yet!), but Apple are improving it with rules, archiving, improved*performance, and more! Sign up for the beta today by logging into to the MobileMe web interface.

    Soon, you'll be able to print from your iPad.*Steve said so.

    Oh, and if you thought Apple's so-called "Australian-tax", or "Apple-tax" was harsh, you ain't seen nothing yet. Pass the lube, because Adobe you want you to bend over.
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    Need help - missing wifi logo, and no internet connection

    Thanks for your responses.

    And thanks again GlacierDave for bailing me out.

    Turns out, that my WiFi logo is missing because

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    iPad Screen Recorder App

    I don't think there is anything native on the ipad to do so , though you could use Reflector or a similar program to mirror the display to a computer

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    iPad Screen Recorder App

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    Mavericks appears to have broken streaming to apple TV1

    Thanks Cuchulain. I'll try it again when I get home tonight.

    swoffa Today, 12:49 PM Go to last post

    Fantastic Genius Bar experiences :)

    Back in Feb my 2011 iMac started exhibiting symptoms of the Radeon 6970M Video Card Replacement Program, eventually getting to the stage where it wouldn't

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    Need help - missing wifi logo, and no internet connection

    I guess they key here is to differentiate between static IP addresses and manually configured IP addresses.

    The more stuff you can leave

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    dock for my external HDD

    Getting my new MacBook Pro soon, looking for a docking station with Thunderbolt interface for my external HDDs to access to my movies and photos.

    Macgeektbt Today, 10:57 AM Go to last post

    Need help - missing wifi logo, and no internet connection

    But there are times when a static IP is required for a particular application.

    I agree that assigning static IPs is a pain and that is

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    Mavericks appears to have broken streaming to apple TV1

    May not be your problem. but since the Thur before Easter all ATV1s were unable to access iTunes AND streaming became nearly impossible without going

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