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    Steve Jobs at the OscarsIt was only a matter of time before someone released a 1TB hard drive in the oh-so-portable 2.5-inch flavour, and now Western Digital have. There's only one catch - it's 12.5mm high, which means it won't fit in any laptop Mac apart from the unibody MacBook Pro.

    Jeff Richardson is a lawyer who uses an iPhone. Nothing too unusual there (we have our very own right here on the forums), but I mention him this morning purely because he gives us the story behind the iPhone's default wallpaper, Blue Marble.

    Steve Jobs is the world's 136th richest person, according to Forbes. Not the most impressive claim to fame I've heard of, but also not bad - especially considering he was a college drop out!

    Remember OnLive? That service that allows even the most lowly of computers to play high-end games provided you've got a decent internet connection? Eight years of preparation later, OnLive launches in June on both Mac and PC platforms.

    TextExpander for iPhone is an indispensable tool if you spend a lot of time answering emails and doing all that sort of stuff when you're on-the-go. If you're planning on plonking down you hard-earned on the recently-released version 3, I'd certainly recommend reading Macworld's review before you take the plunge.

    On The Job is a neat tool for anyone who does a little freelance work here and there. Primarily an invoicing as well as an time- and expense-tracking app for the Mac, it's packed with loads of features, and has an excellent user interface to boot!

    Sadly, Brizzly bought out the iPhone twitter client Birdfeed recently, and, some say, made it a whole lot uglier. Boy, I'd hate to be any website that had just published an epic, twelve-client roundup of iPhone twitter clients - right iLounge?

    A topic that used to crop up with alarming regularity on the forums was the fact that Australians were frequently price-gouged on Apple gear when compared to US prices. Unsurprisingly, this also happens in other regions of the world, so all you nerds can rest assured that Apple aren't just being mean and picking on us poor, poor Aussies.

    The PC version of Splinter Cell: Conviction hasn't even been released yet, and if my internet research is anything to go by it looks like the iPhone version will be released later this month, ahead of it's PC and console counterparts. Who said the iPhone wasn't a viable gaming platform?

    Finally, Dan Grover of WonderWarp software, makers of the all-in-one-box ShoveBox, comments on the state of computing and those people who googled "facebook login" and then left angry comments on ReadWriteWeb when they didn't understand what they actually stumbled upon.
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    Those are beautiful bartron!

    adscorp Yesterday, 09:39 PM Go to last post

    External DVD Burner region free??

    My internal iMac drive is iffy at best takes about ten goes to stop it ejecting and it's getting worse. I just need an external one, preferably region

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    Recommendations for case for iPhone 5C


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    Heading to the UK and US - options for iPhone mobile data?

    UK when I was there a year ago, T-Mobile had a reasonable pre-pay. USA both AT&T and T-Mobile offer prepay for iphones now.

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    Plex Connect & ATV3

    Thanks for the streamlined, and more flowing instructions.

    I've uninstalled it all, and managed to fix my router issues from last time,

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    Random Photography Thread V5.0

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    dock for my external HDD

    Have a look here, quite a few options available.

    Thunderbolt Hard Drives, SSDs, Adapters, PCIe Expansions, & Cables

    swoffa Yesterday, 07:43 AM Go to last post
    Richie Rich

    Heading to the UK and US - options for iPhone mobile data?

    Awesome, thanks Leon!!

    Richie Rich Yesterday, 06:56 AM Go to last post

    Need help - missing wifi logo, and no internet connection

    Good to hear you got it sorted.

    Take note of all your settings before you try again on PlexConnect and you should be able to get it going

    glacierdave Yesterday, 06:03 AM Go to last post

    Need help - missing wifi logo, and no internet connection

    Okay -

    So had a friend working on this also - and under Advanced Settings in WiFi, under DNS, there was something there, a 0.2 IP.

    WhyNotKenny 23rd April 2014, 10:59 PM Go to last post