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    Published on 29th August 2013 by

    A rumour popped up overnight about how Apple was going to introduce new iPads at their (also rumoured) September 10 event, but like many rumours in the Apple blogosphere, it was quickly shot down. An article from Bloomberg mentioned iPads at the September 10 event, but those references to Apple's tablet ...
    Published on 28th August 2013 by

    Apple has added new channels to the Apple TV overnight, with Vevo, The Weather Channel, The Smithsonian, as well as two Disney channels, Disney Channel and Disney XD. Seeing as many of the new channels are decidedly US-specific, it's entirely possible Vevo is the only new channel available ...
    Published on 27th August 2013 by

    PROS: Clean, crisp audio; beautiful design; lightweight
    CONS: Expensive
    Rating: 4.5/5

    Sennheiser has a long, established history of producing quality audio products and its MOMENTUM over-ear headphones are no exception. Wrapped in a stylish, minimalist design, the Sennheiser MOMENTUM headphones boast serious audio and all-day comfort.

    The Sennheiser headphones’ design is a combination of brushed stainless steel and breathable leather. The padded cups are covered in ...
    Published on 27th August 2013 by

    Details about Apple's upcoming A7 chip have leaked, with reports saying that it will be around 31% faster than the current A6 used in the iPhone 5. A 31% increase in speed doesn't seem like a lot, but it should be enough to be noticeably faster than the current iPhone. There's also speculation it could ...
    Published on 26th August 2013 by

    Melbourne will play host to the Connect 2014 ICT exhibition next year – a new technology exhibition and conference program for both the technology industry and consumers.

    Announced by the Victorian Minister for Technology Gordon Rich-Phillips, Connect 2014 will run from 13 to 15 March and examine high speed broadband, cloud computing and the ever-increasing ...
    Published on 25th August 2013 by

    An image of what appears to be iPhone 5Cs in the middle of testing has been leaked on Chinese social media network Sina Weibo, where one Pegatron employee (soon to be ex-employee, I'm sure) has posted an image of a multitude of iPhone 5C devices undergoing some kind of verification process. The caption ...
    Published on 23rd August 2013 by

    OK, now I"m convinced: with the new images that show off the champagne iPhone 5S, I'm now convinced it's actually a decent-looking phone. The ingot-gold version that earlier photos showed looked super tacky, but this champagne one just oozes class. It's honestly something I'd consider ...
    Published on 22nd August 2013 by

    Apple still hasn't found someone to run their Retail division, but they have employed Enrique Atienza to oversee Retail operations in the US, at least for the time being. Atienza was previously at Levi Strauss, where he held the position of Senior VP of Retail Americas and Global Store ...
    Published on 21st August 2013 by

    PROS: Small, neat design; easy access to buttons
    CONS: Volume and bass output is limited
    RATING: 3/5

    The 360 M4 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker features two 2.2-watt speakers and measures 6.5cm high and 5.5cm in diameter. The Veho speaker is powered by a 600mAh rechargeable battery offering a five-hour battery life for Bluetooth users and 10 hours of audio playback for line-in users. ...
    Published on 21st August 2013 by

    When it comes to the official release of iOS 7, it's highly possible the iPad release of iOS 7 will come after the iPhone one. You'll recall the first iPad beta was the second beta of iOS 7 to be released, and from what I've been reading on the web and elsewhere, the iPad version of ...

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    The problem has been fixed via Telstra crowd support. Telstra had migrated me to a new server without telling me.

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    Sending message to server

    Can not send out emails, and the following message appears: Sending the message content to server failed. The server response was: 451 4.7.0 Temporary

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    Transfer Data from iPad to Mac

    iTunes just allows you to transfer purchased items to the new iTunes Library with one iTunes account. But

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    Working Mac Plus to swap for broken system?

    Hi all

    I'm new here. I have a perfectly working Mac Plus, with original software and peripherals included. I want to use it for a home

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    How to Restore iPhone Without iTunes?

    I didn't backup my phone with iCloud. Is this possible to recover deleted photos?

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    Am I able to recover photos on my iPhone 3G?

    If you would like to recover deleted photos from iPhone, you need to use iPhone data recovery. I know the best iPhone Data Recovery software can scan

    alanmore 15th January 2017, 11:07 PM Go to last post

    Using iCloud to backup iPhone 5 and restore to iPhone 6S

    It's really easy to do that. You just need to make a backup file for your iPhone 5 with iTunes and then restore your iPhone 6s with the backup

    alanmore 15th January 2017, 11:04 PM Go to last post

    Macintosh Plus : CRT goes black 10 mins after cold boot...help!

    See the tumbleweeds...?

    This was once a great and glorious forum with hundreds of posts per day from many many active members... Then sadly

    cosmichobo 13th January 2017, 06:44 PM Go to last post

    Macintosh Plus : CRT goes black 10 mins after cold boot...help!

    My Mac Plus boots off cold and after about ten minutes the screen goes dead, it used to be fine if I gave it a tap on the side of the housing but today

    crookintheguts 12th January 2017, 08:46 PM Go to last post

    iPhone has deleted all my music?

    If you have no backup file that you can recover from, I think it is a good method to try recovery tool to retrieve deleted iphone music.
    You can

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