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    Published on 27th March 2009 by

    picture-1ZD Net is reporting that Apple is still battling with Buzzle - you remember these guys from back in the late 90's, early 2000's, who tried to form a mega reseller chain selling Apple products, only to go bust in style owing Apple millions. Apple is going to court *again* to prove that they are not responsible for putting Buzzle into debt and deserve their money back.

    The other legal battle is over the Mac Pro trademark. A Melbourne based computer equipment supplier, named Macpro Computers (who have been around since 1983) have ...
    Published on 27th March 2009 by

    3249632569_0c0d8b007f_o-20090223-155802jpgIncase make some awesome Apple-related accessories and the Incase Nylon Sleeve Plus is one such accessory. It's kinda like a bag-sleeve really. It has a strap and it holds a laptop, plus has a couple of pockets. I know you've been hanging out for *another* laptop sleeve review, so via the deft typing hands of MissionMan, I present to you, a review of the Incase Nylon Sleeve Plus.

    Read ...

    Published on 27th March 2009 by

    1048016_550_art_r0Apple finally announced dates for WWDC '09. June 8 to June 12, San Francisco, Moscone West. If you're planning to go, get in early, as Qantas have cheap flights to San Francisco (only $1200 return!) and Apple are offering a US$300 discount on the WWDC ticket if you order before April 24th. Forum thread about WWDC '09

    Apple Australia has filed their ASIC financial reports for 2008 and it can be seen that Apple made $1.16 billion in revenue here in Australia and after-tax profits of $35 million. Have some fun and work out percentage of Apple's Australian profits you contributed to!

    Sophos has released a video of a Mac OS X trojan, called OSX.RSPlug.F, which pretends to be a media player. The website where the trojan lives, is actually quite believable. The trojan itself is kinda harmless, but it should wake us up to the fact that Mac OS X isn't invincible to this sort of stuff.

    Published on 25th March 2009 by

    podcastlogoEpisode 67 is probably our worst episode ever. No really, it is. Don't listen to it. Don't sully your good reputation with this drivel. Someone important might look at your iPod, see this in your library and never talk to you again. Do you want that to happen? No, no you don't. Go back and listen to your favourite episode. If you still want to irreversibly damage your health by listening to episode 67, you can expect some half arsed discussion on some iPhone rumours, some ...
    Published on 25th March 2009 by


    If you didn't already know, I broke MacTalk by accident. I won't go through the details of the incident again, because it is painful to remember my own stupidity and carelessness, but I will explain what is going on now that it's happened.

    The amount of effort it would take to bring back the previous theme we had, from our ancient backups would be tantamount to making a new theme, we've decided to simply start again and make a new theme. The theme of our dreams. The theme for a new generation. No ...
    Published on 20th March 2009 by

    3323110_12e2d4a1e3iPhone OS 3.0 is still massive news, as developers break their NDAs and leak info about it to the interwebs. Gizmodo has a metric arseload of screenshots of 3.0, Engadget have video galore of 3.0 in action and Lifehacker compare iPhone 3.0 to Google Android.

    The guberments are giving away more money to those who meet the criteria in the form an Education Tax Refund. Essentially, if you've purchased a computer to use for learning, the government will give you some money back. If you're on Youth Allowance and got yourself a laptop for uni, you can get upto $750! Check out the Education Tax Refund website to see if you're eligible. Parents of K-12 students that purchased computery goodness are also entitled to some cash.

    Apple has written a rather detailed guide on setting up wi-fi networks using AirPort devices. If you've been confused by wi-fi and how it all works, this document is for you. ...
    Published on 19th March 2009 by

    Episode 66 brought to you by RAM City - check out their special on 2009 Mac Pro RAM in our Sponsors Forum.

    It's a total iPhone OS 3.0 smorgasbord on this week's podcast. We discuss all the new things coming to our iPhones as part of 3.0 for about half the podcast. The other half consists of pondering Optus and their 3G data, pimping RAM City and their awesome service, lusting after the new iPod Shuffle and the usual forum threads, iPhone apps and some voicemail. Full notes on the forum as usual.

    Published on 19th March 2009 by

    I love Swiss Army knives. When I was kid I had a small collection going. I had one with 40-something pieces. It had a toothpick. Not that you'd ever want to use it. It was kinda gross actually. I heard you can get Swiss Army knives with USB storage and laser pointers built in. Anyways, that has nothing to do with this review, except that "The Swiss Army Knife of Disk Connectivity" is written on the ...
    Published on 19th March 2009 by

    Lots and lots of stuff on the web about the iPhone OS 3.0. 9 to 5 Mac found some videos on YouTube demonstrating iPhone OS 3.0's features. AppleInsider have some screenshots of iPhone OS 3.0. Apple has uploaded the 3.0 keynote to their podcast feed, so if you wanna watch it (and it's pretty cool if you're interested in knowing what some of these features actually mean and seeing 3rd party app demos), grab it now from iTunes.

    No doubt you've seen the furore over Apple's mystery chip placed in the headphones of the new iPod Shuffle. It's been a bit confusing, but all you need to read is Boing Boing Gadget's analysis of the chip, what it does, why it's in there, Apple's response to their comments and a bunch of links to other sites who go into other details. In short, it doesn't seem like DRM (ie: nothing is encrypted), but it is still quite odd as to it's actual purpose in the headphones.

    An Optus call usage iPhone app has hit the App Store. I have just tried it out and it works as advertised! Even grabs stats for Optus broadband too if you use it.

    Published on 18th March 2009 by

    Apple showed everyone a preview of iPhone OS 3.0 and it was good. Many happy people. No mass riots. Fanboys & whingers (mostly) appeased. Only two reported suicides - mostly related to lack of Flash on the iPhone. They will not be missed.


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