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    Published on 15th July 2015 by
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    It seems Apple was not the only party caught unawares by the Taylor Swift blog post about Apple Music. Speaking at a Fortune Brainstorm Tech Conference, an executive from her label said he was unaware of the post from Swift until it went live, but he had already been talking to Apple about the situation in the days leading up to that. Whilst Swift asked him not to be mad ...
    Published on 14th July 2015 by
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    It has been talked about for a long time now but it seems the latest rumours suggest the iPad Pro might be arriving later this year. Digitimes has reported that Apple component makers are said to be due to start supplying parts from mid September and the device is then expected to launch around mid November. The report also claims that Apple is being very cautious in its ordering with ...
    Published on 13th July 2015 by
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    Leading us off this morning is the news that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is said to be looking into the way Apple charges rival music services, following the launch of Apple Music. Reuters reports that of particular focus is said to be the fact that Apple charges competitors 30% of all sales via the App store, making it very hard for them to compete with ...
    Published on 10th July 2015 by
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    If you are one of the brave, or some may say lucky, ones to be part of the Apples public beta programs you can expect to get your hands on OS X El Capitan and iOS 9 at some point today. Reports suggest they have both now been released. Good luck!

    That public release comes on the heels of the developers getting updated versions of both yesterday and also an update on Apple ...
    Published on 7th July 2015 by
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    It is fair to say we all love our Apple unboxing experience, and indeed the way Apple packages its products is something it gets worthy praise for. So Apple is looking to take that a step further with 9to5Mac reporting that they are working with third party accessory makers to help redesign their packaging that is displayed in Apple stores. New packaging ...
    Published on 6th July 2015 by
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    We kick off a new news week with 9to5Mac having a deeper look at what we might see in expected iPhone 6S later this year. Based on some new images of the logic board that seem to indicate an updated NFC chip and whilst it will contain a new flash memory, it may well still start out at 16GB. 9to5Mac had also posted images that suggest a faster LTE chip is being used that is expected to give a significant increase in downloads speeds.

    If reports out of Korea are correct that may well come in ...
    Published on 1st July 2015 by
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    It is time to check your download limits as Apple has dropped some big updates today.

    First up and making all the news is iOS 8.4, which of course included the new Apple Music and Beats 1 via the new Music App. Another inclusion in the update is the fix for the iMessage bug that surfaced last month, so worth grabbing for that even if the Music overhaul is not your thing.

    At the same time Apple has dropped ...
    Published on 29th June 2015 by
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    The next iPhone is a focus of a number of articles today, from what it might include, when it will be manufactured and some patents around Touch ID.

    We start off with a Bloomberg report that production of the next iPhones has begun. Production is said to include the addition of Force Touch, in line with previous rumours, and the phone is said to be being produced in the same size ...
    Published on 25th June 2015 by
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    It is pretty hard to get away from Apple Music at the moment, ahead of the launch of the new service sometime early next week. The latest news is that, following the decisions to reverse on not paying anyone during the free trial period Apple has at last landed a number of high profile indie labels. Billboard is reporting that Apple has now reached agreement with Beggars Group and Merlin to appear ...
    Published on 23rd June 2015 by
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    If you ever doubted the power of Taylor Swift you may need to adjust your thinking. Within hours of Swift posting her Tumbler post on Apple not paying artists during the three month trial period for Apple Music, Apple reversed course. Apple will now pay artists, though the actual payment details are not known, during the time users are taking up the free trial period. The change was first announced on Twitter by Eddy Cue and then backed up when he spoke with Re/code. It isnít the first time Swift has weighed in on the impact of streaming ...

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